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Factors That Cause Eating Disorder

by Fergal of Claddagh Over the last few decades, researchers have made great strides in learning about the causes of and treatments for eating disor

Causes & Types Of Eating Disorders - Risk Factors For Eating Disorders ...
Causes & Types Of Eating Disorders - Risk Factors For Eating Disorders ...

by Fergal of Claddagh

Over the last few decades, researchers have made great strides in learning about the causes of and treatments for eating disorders. They continue to study people with eating disorders to get a better idea of all the factors involved. It is in knowing the cause that good treatment begins. The roots of eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are diverse. They seem to be societal, individual, environmental, biochemical and genetic.

Society and individual personality blurs together when it comes to issues of self esteem, perfectionism and control. Binge eaters, anorexics and bulimics have all admitted to using food as a means of handling stress.

When someone with lower self esteem and a perfectionist personality type feels they are overweight, they do what they can to "fix" themselves. This can result in anorexia and/or bulimia. It used to be believed that anorexia was a female issue but recently we have learned that 25 to 33% of those affected by anorexia are male. It isn't gender specific. It probably occurs more in women than men due to a higher judgment placed on looks for women.

Binge eaters will often use food to handle emotional crises and everyday stress. In this way, it is likened to an addiction. Rather than facing problems head on or coping in a healthy manner, a person is drawn to food.

Biochemical causes for eating disorders have to do with serotonin and hormones. People with eating disorders are often depressed. The correlation is not exactly known. Does depression cause the eating disorder or do eating disorders cause depression? The most assumed answer is that it is both. Hormones have a role to play as well. Certain hormones are elevated in those with eating disorders.

Causes of Eating Disorders  Disorder
Causes of Eating Disorders Disorder
Biological Causal Factors Of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder by Reinhold
Biological Causal Factors Of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder by Reinhold
what causes eating disorders it is three pronged there is a biological ...
what causes eating disorders it is three pronged there is a biological ...
Causes of Eating Disorders
Causes of Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorder Treatment Causes Linked to Artificial Depression

Eating Disorder Treatment Causes Linked to Artificial Depression eatingdisorderfreedomcoach-com How are eating disorder treatment and the causes of eating disorders linked to artificial Factors That Cause Eating Disorder

Commonly question about Factors That Cause Eating Disorder

Question :

What causes Eating Disorders?Read the biological, biochemical,psychological, and psychological factors. ?

Yesterday and today, I researched causes and factors contributing to eating disorders. (I had Anorexia, got down to 70lb, at 5 2", and was given Zinc by my psychiatrist and the next day the self image distortion was gone--and the resulting thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. My life changed). Now that I am healed of it, I want to help people going through it.

As you will see in the following webpage I made, neurological, biochemical and biological factors, personality, upbringing and childhood, ideals,low self esteem and feeling of worth, life events/changes, stress, anxiety,
need for control, OCD, and life problems are all potential factors and causes of Eating Disorders, specifically Anorexia and Bulemia. Within those catagories, I list 32 different factors that have shown to have been the cause, or part of the cause, of eating disorders. (There s usually more than one factors involved in the causation). I include treatments for the different factors that I came across in my research (I hope to further research each factor, so stay posted). I also wrote a list of other things that could help.

I ve also written something to those whose ED is caused by misbelief about themselves, their beauty, their ability to be loved, their worth, and by lack of acceptence of themselves and their bodies. It s an answer to that as well as their need for love, feeling of emptiness, loneliness, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. Even the need for meaning and purpose in their life. The link to it is in the webpage i m giving you--and I ll put it here.

God bless,
Answer :
I wish i could get a magic pill and be cured..Im on the highest level of anti deppressed and see a therapist twice a week and i been in the hospital and still i hate my self but mine is because of anxiety and i judge my worth in life to the number on the not sure what you are asking but im really intrested in helping people too when i get better since i still struggle every day..

I want to try that zinc pill because no matter how hard ive tried and i can t shake the though and the so tired of being suffering i been struggling with this for two years and ive been in treatment for 6 months..6 weeks of that at the hospital..this just gave me the hope i needed thank you..god bless you!
Question :

Why do I have an eating disorder?

I m 15 and I know there are a LOT of reasons why I developed and eating disorder (which no one knows about yet), but which do you think contributed the most? I ve been trying to think through it and honestly I can t tell what actually triggered it and what has just been adding on to it. I found a website with various factors that cause eating disorders in teen girls so I made a list of all that apply to me:

-I play a sport that requires me to reveal a lot of my body (volleyball)
-I like things to be perfectly neat and tidy and organized
-I am always being compared to my older sisters by my parents
-I am one of the only defensive specialists on my VERY competitive club volleyball team, so I have a lot of pressure put on me by my coach to be absolutely perfect when I play
-my mom has made me do pageants since I was little so I have always felt like I need makeup to be pretty
-I need to graduate high school with a 3.8 in order to receive a partial in state scholarship that all three of my older sisters got, so I have to make all a s for the rest of high school in order to get up to a 3.8
-I haven t had a day to relax in the longest time because I m juggling school, confirmation class, volleyball, the school pageant, and a lot more stuff

So which of those do you think have contributed the most? Thanks!
Answer :
Honestly, what caused it doesn t matter. You innately were susceptible to getting one, and ALL of these things combined to trigger it. What matters most now is fixing how you view yourself inside and out. Dwelling on the past will do nothing.


Recovering from anorexia
Question :

Do you think eating disorders would exist if there was no mass media?

I know there are more contributing factors towards eating disorders than seeing thin models on television. But, maybe it was television and magazines that taught us that skinny is the normal way to be.
I had anorexia, and although that wasn t caused by mass media, I don t think I would have had it without media forever telling me that skinny was the way I should be and that it s the norm.

I m not sure but I think I m more towards mass media causing eating disorders, so what do you think?
Answer :
If you have ever interviewed someone who is suffering from or recovering from an eating disorder, you ll find that very few of them ever cite wanting to be skinny like a model as their reason. I have a friend who died of the complications of anorexia. I have a mother who has been suffering from bulimia on and off most of her life. I have a sister who once went down to 85lbs and was hospitalised. I had a bulimic roommate in college. Not one of these people I am personally close to ever cited models or celebrities as the trigger for their eating disorders

Eating disorders are a control issue. When people s lives are out of control, eating is the one thing they feel they can have control over. Toddlers are no different - that s why parents of toddlers always complain their children are picky eaters. Because even at that age, they know it s the one thing they can actually control -- but they do it as a way to assert their independence

Also eating disorders are a mental illness, not a diet.

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