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Panic Disorder - The Mind in Conflict

by Marcia Salazar An individual experiencing a panic attack feels an undeniable wave of fear for no particular reason at all. The individual heart b

 ... Disorders How to Treat Anxiety Generalized Anxiety and Panic Disorder
... Disorders How to Treat Anxiety Generalized Anxiety and Panic Disorder

by Marcia Salazar

An individual experiencing a panic attack feels an undeniable wave of fear for no particular reason at all. The individual heart begins to beat rapidly, his chest hurt and it become increasingly more difficult to breathe; at which time the individual believes he is having a heart attack and will die if he does not receive proper intervention.

One patient defined his symptoms in this way: I am so afraid; every time I start to go out I get that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I am terrified that another panic attack is coming or that some other unknown terrible thing is going to happen to me or someone in my family."

Panic attack generally last no more than a few minutes, but it can be the most distressing condition that a human being can experience. Individuals who experienced one attack will have others. Those who experience repeated attacks, or feels heightened anxiety about having another attack are considered to have developed panic disorder.

Panic disorders are a serious health problem in the United States. Recent studies concluded that about three million people will experience panic attacks at some time during their lives. The symptom is strikingly different from other types of anxiety. Panic attacks are very sudden and often unexpected, seemingly unprovoked, and are often disabling.

Panic attack can occur at any time, even during sleep. An attack often peaks within ten minutes, but some symptoms may last much longer.

What causes panic attacks: And how do you treat panic disorders?

One approach to understanding the cause of panic disorder is that the body's normal alarm system the mental and physical mechanisms that allows a person to react to a threat, tends to be triggered unnecessarily, when there is no real danger in the immediate environment. Most medical studies are unable to explain exactly why this happens.

However, several psychological studies have showed, the root cause of panic disorder may begins on the emotional level or the physical side, or it could be both. The feeling of heightened-anxiety always begins with a trigger that initiates the fight or flight response from the limbic system. For example, the first hint of apparent danger your brain chemistry, blood hormones, and cellular metabolism all goes into action.

When you have a chronic anxiety disorder over time your anxiety symptoms may be triggered by less and less serious events because the limbic system has been sensitized to react in a highly panicky manner.

For example, if as a child you were constantly yelled at; as an adult you may feel anxious whenever there is potential for confrontation with an authority figure; and you may go to extreme measures to avoid such confrontation, even in a situation as benign as refusing a simple request by a family member or anyone of authority figure. At this point your conscious mind has lost track of the connection between your current feeling and your past emotional experience. You now have no idea why you are feeling panicky about something of so little significant.

Past emotional experience

Early emotional experiences are the birthplace for the development of panic disorders. The experience may had been early childhood trauma, such as the death of a parent, divorce, child abuse, constant criticism, abandonment, deprivation, or a highly emotional family social environment; highly anxious parents, including alcoholic and drug addicted parents.

Childhood is a time of little power and control. When bad things happen to children their coping mechanisms are not fully developed; they are unable to process what had happened in a health way and move on. In a very real sense, these adverse childhood experiences are trapped deep within. As an adults, those hidden issues often surface as anxiety symptoms. It may be difficult to connect what is triggering your panic state to your past experiences; but there is always a link.

Past experience have taught me that you shouldn't attempt to treat panic disorder unless you are willing to address it from many sides; this approach can be time-consuming and emotional-intensive work, which conventional practitioners, too often, tends to avoid. Instead, anti-depressants are given out like candy to panic patients to calm their physical symptoms. However, it doesn't matter what type of panic symptoms you are experiencing you must address the emotional component if symptom reduction is to be achieved.

Mode of treatments

There are a wide variety of treatments available for panic disorders, including several effective psycho pharmacology interventions, and specific forms of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy for panic disorder is equally important as drug intervention. Several studies shows that the combination of medication and psychotherapy treatment for panic disorder is more effective than either intervention alone.

Panic Disorder
Panic Disorder
Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
What Causes Panic Attacks  What Causes Anxiety Disorder
What Causes Panic Attacks What Causes Anxiety Disorder
Panic And Anxiety Away Without Drugs  Mental Health
Panic And Anxiety Away Without Drugs Mental Health

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Commonly question about Panic Disorder - The Mind in Conflict

Question :

I m at the end of my rope and I need help. Can anyone help me?

I am suffering from 3 different disorders that seem to come together in a way that takes me from the work force. I suffer from social anxiety and was always able to get by on labor type jobs or data entry things, but now I have fibromyalgia which makes me tire really easy and I have random, awful muscle spasms so that takes away the labor field for me. And I have keratoconus which effects my vision and takes me out of data entry work for now. I m at a point where I can t even drive myself everywhere I need to go because of the strain on my eyes and the mind blinding headaches that accompany the eye strain. Even pc use, tv watching, and reading can cause nearly immediate strain for my eyes.
My anxiety disorder just seems to be getting worse and I can t seem to get any help from anywhere. I get food stamps and medical, but that s all I can get. My partner is disabled and everything gets paid from her disability check which leaves nothing behind after rent, phone, and car insurance.

I ve done what was logical to me and applied for disability based on my 3 issues, but they keep denying me because none of my doctors seem to take all 3 of my problems into consideration. My therapist says I have pretty bad anxiety disorder, but I m fine to work outside social jobs, My eye doctor says I have advanced keratoconus, but I m fine to work outside visual intensive jobs, and my doctor says I have fibromyalgia and what not, but should be fine to work at least a part time job outside of labor intensive work. The problem with their opinions is that each of my disorders conflict with one another now. To make matters worse, I live rurally in a small town so the job pool is rather limited and being out of work with no kind of cash assistance makes it difficult for me to make and keep appointments with my doctors as some of them are in other towns.

I have exhausted myself trying to find help. Disability lawyers and groups say my case is too complicated for them to take on. My case worker at welfare says they have transportation assistance for medical purposes but I can t own a car to get it. And to get cash assistance I basically have to do all kinds of work that I ve already not been able to do.

I ve spent my whole life doing everything by the book and always stepping up tp meet my life s challenges in the most responsible ways I could. I always thought that by being the good citizen with a good work ethic, if I ever fell on bad times, I could get the help I needed. Asking for help is very hard for me. I ve spent my entire life striving to be self-sufficient and now I feel weak and vulnerable and am forced to admit my faults and ask for assistance. If it were just me I d be fine, but I have a disabled partner and a 5yo child. They need me and I ve done everything I can think of to try and meet that need.

I m losing my mind constantly trying to scramble for some kind of help. I m an optimistic who thinks realistically. And I don t wanna let go of the idea that there has to be some help out there for us. Can anyone help? Advice? resources? I m seriously losing it out here. I live in northwestern Minnesota if that will help any. Also I m working with my doctors as much as I can I have not refused any treatments even though I seem to meet with more side effects and issues than successes. My anxiety makes it so I can t really fight the dr s opinions and argue my case to them. All of this has been causing depression issues, panic attacks, poor sleeping and eating and I ve even lost alot of my hair too. I m one stuck duck.
Answer :
read this artcile might help hun
and good luck there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel

Question :

I think I have anxiety disorder. Can anyone help before I snap?

I think I have social anxiety. I have a hard time getting close to people and I panic around people I dont know. I feel like everyone is staring at me and judging me by how I look, talk, behave, ect. I can never relax around other people and even when Im alone I ponder over everything Ive done wrong around others. I can deal with one on one situations which gradually grow into groups as I meet each person one on one but a whole crowd makes me panic. I may even get irritable because my mind comes up with delusions that people are judging me and that if I stand up for myself they will want to fight me.

I think this comes from my home life with my mother and my conversations with my father. My mother never allowed me to speak my mind or be myself. Whenever I did speak my mind we would get into these arguments where she would make me feel stupid for even saying anything. It would eventually tame my mind into thinking that there was no point to even talking to her. So anytime I was around other people I felt that there was no point to speak my mind because I felt that no one would care about what I had to say. Being around her also hindered me from taking risks because whenever I did take a risks I would get into trouble because it would be outside her control. So all in all living with my mother caused me to not want to open up to others.

Then my father, who I feel is just trying to look out for me, lectures me about the potential evils in the world. How people judge one another, how some people will backstab me and how I always have to watch my back and never to wear my heart on my sleeve. This taught me to never trust others as I felt like everyone is actually judging me and plotting against me. On top of that I have to gain emotional control and not trust being on an emotional level with anyone. One would say, well not all people are bad, just give them a chance. However this would mean taking a risk which my mind already prevents me from doing thanks to my mother. Anyways my father always teaches me to just keep a smile on and play the game that people set before me. However I hate not being me, I hate being fake so this becomes a conflict.

On top of all of this there have been plenty of times where I have lost trust in those I love (like my ex) and cared about like close friends. This eventually made my mind think that what my parents shoved into my mind is the truth and so now I go through anxiety when having to socialize with others. All in all I was raised to trust no one, to be cold, to not seek help from others, to not express myself and to pretty much live under a rock while keeping a fake smile on my face. However this makes relationships difficult because I now hate feeling like an open book and so I hate getting close to people and asking for help (however asking strangers on yahoo is easier because I can type it all out).

I want to get close to people, have friends, fall in love, enjoy life. But the way I was raised has made me bitter, irritable and on the borderline of cold and aloof. I trust very little (even psychologist) and almost despise humanity. Ive gone through depression, suicidal thoughts, anger/irritability, anxiety, and even a mix of them all. Im sick of it. Someone please help me out here...
Answer :
Everyone goes through some form or piece of what you re experiencing. I grew up in a sheltered home myself, and in order to find relief - I got excited about something. I started surfing and skateboarding. This was around age 13, and I m now in my twenties. I still have those hobbies today.

Just having something you re passionate about, that you really want to make a difference at, is sometimes the motivation we need to get by. I just flunked the most important test I ll ever take this evening, had awkward conversations and doubtful thoughts over my health, personal relationships, lack of friends, and direction in life today, and yet I m writing this to you at 2 am. No one s life is smooth and enjoyable all the time. Life is an equilibrium of highs and lows.

I am extremely questioning over pharmaceutical remedies for bouts of depression - as I indeed believe every human experiences anxiousness and sadness in life. It is as much a part of your everyday emotions as any other feeling: frustration, joy, envy, empathy. Our thoughts are like a wasp s nest. They shoot off in every direction, and unless you selectively choose what to productively, intentionally focus your time on, life may seem chaotic. It is important to be able to understand, let me repeat, it is important to be able to understand why you have the feelings you do. It sounds like you are coming to terms with them, and that is very good.

I read your circumstances and from what I ve gathered let me offer reasons for why you should be happier than ever: 1. You are young and healthy. 2. You have parents that are alive, and while they may perpetuate your distrust of others, remember that they do love you. That is something many do not have.

My suggestion: tap into your potential, and follow your bliss while you re at it. Find something you enjoy that is productive and worthwhile you decide what is worthwhile - thats the beauty of it! and never look back. You must work hard at anything you do in life that you wish to succeed at, and your health, relationships, and work are no exceptions.

Every human strives to feel accepted, the mere fact that you have the desire to make friends and enjoy life are positive signs. Look for influences that inspire and motivate - may they be authors read Twain and Herman Melville philosophers watch the Examined Life, it speaks about human struggle and everyday life, you will like it, and those who lead an exemplary life Dr. King, Mohandas Gandhi. I ve been in your shoes, and still find myself in them everyday.

Try helping others through similar life struggles - thats medicine and healing in the same sentence.
Question :

Can I write a complex formula that may not entirely exist for Excel that does variable conversions possibly?

I want to write conversion formula for my wife to better help her with some mathematics in a Tabletop game. What I hope to achieve is a formula or series of formulas that returns multiple outputs to help her better get a grasp in converting game coinage up and down from particular values. For example, converting the few gold pieces she has into a lower denomination i.e. 5 gold pieces into tin pieces. Each denomination is multiple of ten going up and down the scale. So 1 Mithril piece is equal to 10 Platinum pieces which is equal to 100 Gold Pieces etc etc. My attempts at making my formulas stick end up running a muck. I can create it to where it can convert up and down from two separate fields all operation on =cell#/10 for converting up and =cell#*10 going down. Part of me however would be happy if I could pin a way to change the value merely from a drop down menu change. But even more my mind wants to have where she inputs her money in separate fields and is granted the chance to go to each field and have it convert either up or down so long as a value of 10 for up and and 1 for down is there. I feel with the later she could input her player characters current funds and then convert up and down as needed to deal with the pesky shops that seem to drive her nuts despite my attempts to comfort and explain what I feel is a simple math problem. Her Mathematics Disorder just throws her into a panic and I feel for her. In the later example I see myself with the issue of a mathematical conflict where my conversion requests need to add to a value that is already there. I see it all in my head and have a formula rough draft written out in front of me but I can not help but feel there is something I am literally missing in my times with learning excel in computer classes and WIT classes.

I will do what I can to place what I have figured:
Multiple Numeric fields to be entered for each different coin value.
Below each field a drop down menu that depending on which is selected takes the data from the above field subtracts 1 or 10 based on conversion down or up.
The conversion adds the new values of 10 or 1 based on the conversion down or up.
Part of me sees this formula of =The value in the cell-1 or 10 based on conversion This new value is then add to the appropriate cell proceeding or following the the cell in the series

6 Gold Pieces 2 Silver pieces Conversion Down Selected 6-1=5 which is outputted back into the Gold Pieces value which then converts and adds a value of 10 into the silver field to make 12. Then the reverse for going up.

I feel there is certainly a way but my time away from computer data entry in a work environment are almost distant memory. :(

Any assistance or a point in the right direction for what I am looking for would be great since pouring over the Formula lists are only slightly helpful in jogging my memory.
Answer :
I created a macro that should do what you are looking for.
To recreate this macro:

Use cells

C4 for Mithril
D4 for Platinum
E4 for Gold
F4 for Silver.

In D4, E4 and F4 cells place SpinButtons (Developer Tab -> Insert -> ActiveX Controls -> SpinButton) and named them spPlatinum, spGold, spSilver.

Open VBA editor (Alt+F11) and add this macro in the Worksheet (most likely Sheet1)

Option Explicit

Private Sub spPlatinum_SpinUp()
If Range("C4").Value > 0 Then
Range("D4").Value = Range("D4").Value + 10
Range("C4").Value = Range("C4").Value - 1
End If
End Sub

Private Sub spPlatinum_SpinDown()
If Range("D4").Value > 9 Then
Range("D4").Value = Range("D4").Value - 10
Range("C4").Value = Range("C4").Value + 1
End If
End Sub

Private Sub spGold_SpinUp()
If Range("D4").Value > 0 Then
Range("E4").Value = Range("E4").Value + 10
Range("D4").Value = Range("D4").Value - 1
End If
End Sub

Private Sub spGold_SpinDown()
If Range("E4").Value > 9 Then
Range("E4").Value = Range("E4").Value - 10
Range("D4").Value = Range("D4").Value + 1
End If
End Sub

Private Sub spSilver_SpinUp()
If Range("E4").Value > 0 Then
Range("F4").Value = Range("F4").Value + 10
Range("E4").Value = Range("E4").Value - 1
End If
End Sub

Private Sub spSilver_SpinDown()
If Range("F4").Value > 9 Then
Range("F4").Value = Range("F4").Value - 10
Range("E4").Value = Range("E4").Value + 1
End If
End Sub

This should do what you need.

I uploaded working excel workbook to, if you like you can download it from there.

If you need any changed to this macro please leave a comment and Id be happy to make the modifications.

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