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my cool defender

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Sergio Ramos- Got Me Going

Sergio Ramos- Got Me Going Sergio Ramos Spains best defender My first video please comment Music Got Me Going by Day 26xmadridistasiemprexsergio ramos my cool defender

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Question :

What are some cool ipod touch accessories?

Okay I really wanna buy some accessories for my ipod touch 2g. I currently have: otterbox defender, screen protectors, earphones with mic, stylus, and speaker. I am a developer for winterboard themes and I really want some cool stuff so whats out there that I can get on ebay?
Answer :
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LISzv13x7HI --- click it those are cool accessories


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LISzv13x7HI -- going to buy an ipod for my bday :DD
Question :

What are THE BEST soccer boots for a defender?

I play sweeper for my high school team
I need new cleats and i want the best
Money is no problem and i would like the cleats to stand out and look cool
Ive look everywhere and i dnt know what cleats to get
if you ve played defender or even midfield (becuz i bring the ball up a lot) your help would be awesome
i would like a cleat that is comfortable annnd i really a lot on speed and power
Answer :
I used some black nikes.
but don t use pumas !
Question :

Im a slow defender and it effects my team SOS?

ok so here it is im a 9th grader starting on the outside wing (which ever one i feel like playing in the game the other defender is real cool about it). but im so slow in PE i ran a 50 in 7 sec! the only reason i start is because im short and strong (5"4 130). but i need to gain some speed even my friends say so AND I KNOW IT. please help me my dad was a fast high school soccer star forward and being a late grower dosent help. please any enough i was told that doing ladders may help or i found these leg things to improve your speed (look for link below). any advice would be help full thank you!!!
Answer :
it is hard to gain speed if you don t have it. but i am sure there are a lot of running exercises you can co out there to get faster. after season, you can join track and field.
anyways, i don t think you have to be THAT fast to be a good defender as long as you re good at defender. plus, you re a right or left defender---you have center defenders to get your back. that s their job. the center back s job is to back you up. center back should be fast..

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