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Nice Treatments For Depression photos

Check out these treatments for depression images: Week Five - Face of depression... Image by Jessia Hime I ve been struggling with depression for year

Social Anxiety Depression photos
Social Anxiety Depression photos

Check out these treatments for depression images:

Week Five - Face of depression...

Image by Jessia Hime
I've been struggling with depression for years. About 5 months ago I actually started getting treatment for it. Unfortunately it doesn't work all the time...
I actually cheated for this shot - I can't actually do anything when I'm feeling really low. This was taken a few hours after I started feeling better.

Treatments For Depression  Anxiety Cures
Treatments For Depression Anxiety Cures
Depression Treatment Manual pictures
Depression Treatment Manual pictures
photos of Treatment For Anxiety And Depression
photos of Treatment For Anxiety And Depression
Depression Treatment Anxiety Images
Depression Treatment Anxiety Images

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Depression and Anxiety Disorders Part 1

Depression and Anxiety Disorders Part 1 Overview Depression causes feelings of sadness loss and anger that can interfere with everyday life It affects up to 16 million Americans Nice Treatments For Depression photos

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Question :

My partners actions upset me?

So when me and my partner and daughter got our first flat, things weren t that good. I had undiagnosed and untreated depression, my agoraphobia and anthrophobia was really bad, if someone knocked on the door i d hide! My partner was working late, he d set off to work at 2pm and wouldn t be home till nearing 2am, in that time our daughter would scream for him, all she wanted was her daddy, and she wouldn t call me mummy, it was always my name. He d come home from work and she d finally stop screaming for him, and i d get why hasn t this that or the other been done, even if I d done it! He paid no attention to me, i felt like a piece of furniture. Anyway, i was talking to people on MSN, and compliments or just someone asking about MY day, just giving a **** about how i was feeling went over my head, and they took advantage of that. I sent a few photo s, nothing really bad, but bad enough to make me feel guilty about it happening even now 3 years on.

Anyway, my partner found out by checking my history etc (something he s always done) and i think a lot of why i did it was because of that, He didn t trust me when i d done nothing to lose the trust, so why should i try to keep something that isn t there? sorta like you get accused long enough...
This was about 3 years ago now. He hasn t stopped checking my history etc and it really hurts. I never do it to him, despite countless e-mails of women claiming to have slept with him, even a couple of phone calls, i trust him, i always have. I know i gave him a reason not to trust me, but if he d have trusted me in the first place he wouldn t have found out (i know how bad that sounds, i can t quite explain what i mean). He s had plenty of proof since then of me not doing it, even of me not getting drawn in by compliments and niceties (something which got better as i got the treatment i need) but everyday without fail he will check my history, my messages, he even opens my post.
I m glad he s doing it cos it means he can t just accuse me, like he did before we moved in to the flat, but at the same time it means i can t do ANYTHING! i can t have a little bit of privacy, i ve tried looking for things to buy him, i want to get him an engagement ring, cos i don t like the idea of me only having one, but how can i keep things like that a surprise? I just want a little bit of trust, just so i can do things like that, and i feel like, no matter how many years i carry on proving it to him, he will NEVER trust me, i ll never have the privacy to do nice things like that and he ll carry on acting like he s about to catch me in the act. I have images of us being in our 60 s and him still checking up on me (and yes, i do picture us together forever, no matter what, i know it s silly, but i believe we can and will stay together).
Answer :
It s very admirable to see that you believe so much in this relationship that you believe you will be together forever. I don t want to tell you otherwise, however, if you can t learn to trust each other you will both be driven mad by all this. Trust has to be the foundation of the relationship. To be honest, regardless of what you ve done he shouldn t be going through your stuff like that because it shows that he doesn t trust you even after all this time. Likewise, if he had had a fling in the past it would show a distinct lack of trust on your part to go through his phone, emails, browser history etc. I m not saying that some of that wouldn t be justified to a certain degree, but if you carry on for years going through with a fine tooth comb all the personal dealings of your partner you will drive yourself crazy! That is what seems to be happening here with your partner. I don t think that a relationship can last that way...it s just too destructive!

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