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Stress Stopper

Stress Stopper Stress Is GoneA Revolution in Stress Management. Stress Is Gone LLC delivers relief on-the-go for busy lifestyles. Stress is the lead

of the many types of anxiety disorders post traumatic stress disorder ...
of the many types of anxiety disorders post traumatic stress disorder ...

Stress Is GoneA Revolution in Stress Management. Stress Is Gone LLC delivers relief on-the-go for busy lifestyles. Stress is the leading cause of death in the United States. The Stress Stopper iPhone app addresses the most dangerous stress of all; the one that repeats most often in your life. The app automatically alerts users 3-minutes before their most routine stress is triggered. This first of its kind app, also guides stressed out users back to a place of inner-peace in the heat of the moment. The app is designed for anyone experiencing repetitive pressure from work, home, commute, finances, family, relationships, school, etc. The key to successfully decreasing your stress level is pressing the BREATHE button every time a reminder pops up and breathing along with the app until your Stress Is Gone. This will prolong your life and help prevent future stress-related health problems such as cancer, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, migraines, sleep problems, chronic fatigue, ulcers, etc.Features: Stop 10 types of stress Schedule up to 64 reminders to stay one step ahead of stress Integrates reactions with focused thinking and breathing until the Stress Is Gone Contains 9 tips to manage stress in the heat of the moment Stress busting audio reminders: Laughter, Chime, Waves Vibrate Visual reminders when ringer is off and vibrate is on Connects users with a Stress Is Gone Coach as needed Links to other free tools that relieve stress Works when iPhone is in Airplane mode Provides users with the facts Intuitive set upEach year stress claims 110 Million people worldwide. With consistent use of the right tools together we change that. This App is complimentary for everyone who registers for a FREE quick and easy S.I.G. Membership. We send our members a free tool once a month until their Stress Is Gone. We hope you join our growing stress-free family. Coming Soon from Stress Is GoneAn iPhone App that identifies and resolves the repressed memories that fuel stress.

Academic Stress and Its Relation to Anxiety in College Students ...
Academic Stress and Its Relation to Anxiety in College Students ...

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Commonly question about Stress Stopper

Question :

What kind of deodorant should I use?

So I have a stress sweat problem when I m nervous on my underarms and have yet to find anything to solve that. I tried secret clinical strength and found that after a couple hours, the clean scent wore away and I was stuck with B.O. even though I applied deodorant. I would like a nice smell, because when I sweat sometimes it makes deodorant scents smell bad. So I need a good sweat-stopper, a nice smell(clean or fruit) and one that stays and will not wear off.
Answer :
i had the same problem.
i always used to sweat through my shirts and have "sweat pits"
embarrasing i KNOW!
ive tryed everything, arrid secret clinical ect ect..
the one and only thing that has worked for me is certain dri roll on antipersperant.
its like $7 at kmart. you put it on at night but i warn you it burned me for the first 2 nights. and itched alot.
but my body got used to it after that and i dont feel it. and my armpits are dry all day. and i seriously could never lift up my arms. hid behind hoodies.
i call certain dri my miricale LOL.
but i use ban in the morning to smell nice.
i really suggest certain dri.
but its not a deodorant. so you gotta use one of those in the morning.
but seriously go get it!! it saved my social life :)

you dont really need deodorant because you dont sweat so no smell :)
i just use it to smell nice!


Question :

Is it worth it to get an mri if I may have stress fractures?

I m a soccer player (centerback/stopper) on my highschool jv soccer team. I run more than most soccer players in this position would I m told. In the middle of the season i started experiencing pain that I thought might have been shin splints in both of my legs. A week later I was told by my coach to go to the trainer, and he of course said that it could be shin splints, but symptoms are similar to stress fractures, and to rest a bit & come in the next week when a doctor would be there, I didn t rest much i iced a bit, came back in the pain was worse. I m not one to complain about pain so my friend pretty much dragged me in there only to find out that the doctor thought it might be stress fractures & wasn t going to let me play because of the risk..I got my parents permission & played through the rest of the season the season s been over for a couple days, went to my actual doctor today because i want to do nordic skiing in the winter coming up, and my legs still hurt, but I wasn t told anything new just that stress fractures can only be seen with something like mri, but is it really worth getting an mri? if they didn t find anything it would be pointless, and if they did all they d tell me is to rest..which is hard for me I hate sitting out & i m looking forward to nordic skiing but doubt i could do it if my legs don t get any better =/ ha i should ve listened to that doctor who told me they d get worse if i kept playing..but i would ve hated letting my coach & team down.
Answer :
Follow what your doctor says. Either get a xray, CT or MRI scan. We need to confirm whether you have stress fractures or not. Once we determine what you really have, a proper course of action can be determined.


Dr. K
Question :

School is really bringing me down; any tips?

well, i hate my homework because i can never remember what i learn in class- even with teacher help and note taking! not to mention the pressures of failing, and the fact that we re reading tale of two citities. that book is boooring! i need some major help with study habits, procastination stoppers, and ways to eliminate stress so i can focus better!
Answer :
AH! this sounds like my life! lol. i m in high school too...junior year...HORRIBLE! As far as homework...yea it s a bother but it helps to reinforce whats learned in class. as for not remembering what you learned in class, i would suggest getting more sleep, eating breakfast, and possibly even taking vitamins such as focus factor. My dad uses them to help him concentrate better. It s not a steroid or anything like that. It s completely safe to use. As for english, a tale of two cities is a hard book. I remember i hated it. But if you go to Barnes and Nobles and buy the book: Spark Notes 101 Literature it will greatly help your understand of the book. For procrastination, what i like to do is write down a list of the things have to do...this would include homework, projects, studying for tests/quizzes etc. Write them in any order and then decide which is most important, and which can wait until the weekend or another day. After you decide which things are important, then do the subject that take less time (anywhere from 10 minutes to 35 minutes) FIRST! Then do the things that will take a longer time afterwards. As for stress i find evaluating the situation helpful. Whenever it seems like AH I CAN T DO THIS, i stop and sit down. i close my eyes, breathe in for 5 counts ( 1,2,3,4,5), hold for 5 counts, and release through the mouth for 5 counts. Do this 3 or more times and it will completely calm you down. then you can make the list of things you have to do etc. Lastly, study habits. It would probably be beneficial to review whatever you did that day in class. Just spend a couple of minutes...maybe about 10-20 minutes reviewing that the teacher said in class/notes you took. You mentioned that you take notes in class. Do you write down everything the teacher says and sometimes miss important information? If so try listening more (but dont zone out) and taking notes on the main points of the teachers speech or lecture/lesson. I hope this helped. If you ever need anything just ask for it = )

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