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3 Tips on How to Relieve Anxiety

by Fergal of Claddagh To relieve anxiety, one must be able to find out what stresses them out the most since stress is one of the main reasons that

Tips to Reduce Stress: How Exercise and Nutrition Help Relieve Stress ...
Tips to Reduce Stress: How Exercise and Nutrition Help Relieve Stress ...

by Fergal of Claddagh

To relieve anxiety, one must be able to find out what stresses them out the most since stress is one of the main reasons that people feel anxious. To relieve anxiety also means to stop panic attacks since it is with anxiety that panic attacks are usually happening. Being depressed and nervous are common anxiety symptoms that leads to panic attacks so you'll want to deal with it the most.

If you want to relieve anxiety then you need to relax and calm your mind and body. By tapping into the things that helps you feel at peace the most, then you won't feel any panic attacks from happening to you frequently.

Here are three tips on how to relieve anxiety:

Tip 1 - Get Rid Of Those Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts weigh you down and lead to anxieties. It is with negative thoughts that you start feeling irritable, depressed and weak. They're also the reason why you are not able to function well at work or in any activities that you try to perform.

Getting rid of your negative thoughts is a way to relieve anxiety. By avoiding them before going to sleep or when you wake up in the morning, you also avoid getting panic attacks. It's important to stop thinking about your anxieties so you won't stress yourself out. By using this tip, you'll be able to relieve anxiety easily.

Tip 2 - Getting 8 Hours of Sleep Works

People who lack sleep are the ones who can't seem to relieve anxiety the most. This is because they usually think and expect their fears to come at them any time soon so they can't sleep at all. Some lack sleep for the obvious reasons such as working till the early hours in the morning.

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Commonly question about 3 Tips on How to Relieve Anxiety

Question :

My 3 year old daughter is going through extreme separation anxiety. I am trying to go back to work part time.?

She cries even when I leave her with her dad or even when I take a shower! She is also very shy. Any tips on how to relieve her anxiety and help her to play with other children. I left her in the nursery at the gym for 30 minutes and she cried the whole time. Please help!!!
Answer :
My daughter is the same way. I stayed at home w/ her until she was about 1 1/2 and then I started college and began working. I put her in a daycare and for the first month she would cry but eventually she got better and now she loves going. She still cries when I leave at night to go to class but she will eventually calm down and go back to what she was doing. If I m home she has to be right by me, taking showers, if I step outside, I m hoping she will grow out of being so clingy to me, but it just takes time and patience. I couldn t believe how much more independent she s become since being at the daycare.

Good luck!
Question :

Can anyone relieve me from anxiety, please....?

I am 26 years old male. I am having some sexual problem for the last few months. It s not that I do masturbate a lot, usually 3-4 times/week. But when I masturbate I don t feel the same sort of sensation anymore and after couple of minutes of medium excitation I feel numb independent of whether I ejaculate or not with sudden loss of erection. The other problem is with my penis - it does not get that hard as it did before (and it does not stand 90 up right) and it is slightly curved towards left, also less girth to the meat. Another thing, whenever I feel an urge for sex and my sex organ is erect or semi erect, the tip of the penis gets wet. I also observed that, the volume of sperm production as well as its thickness has reduced as compared to that of my early adulthood.

Please tell me what should I do now and how will I be able to recover from this difficulty? I feel very despair and I am really scared as I am going to get married in May 2010.

Thanks a lot in advance for those who will take my problem seriously and help me with some suggestions or experience sharing. Please help me out .........
Answer :
You should have blueberries, steel-cut oats, or oatmeal in your menu. In addition, most men are deficient in zinc and you should address this with a multi-vitamin or zinc supplement. Also, make sure you are properly hydrated. Hydration and zinc should give you back your volume. Blueberries are Natures Viagra and will help bullet-proof your prostate


Men s Health magazine
Question :

Tips on how to repair a broken soul and better my life (goal setting)?

I have felt a sense of spiritual awakening lately and have decided that it is time for me to take control of my life, instead of having others influence me so much. I m not going to tell my life story on here, but basically I ve been going through a rough time, been going to therapy with not much improvement, etc. I m still going to go to therapy for the time being, but I am going to mention to him that I want to gradually go off my meds (20 mg Lexapro). In short, here are some goals I have set aside for myself this week in my personal goal book I made this morning. (: I have it set up under the sections body , mind , and spirit :

*cut back by 1 spoonful of sugar in coffee (I drink about 2 cups coffee a day with 3 HEAPING spoonfuls of sugar)
*brush teen at least twice a day for 3 min. or more (I have bad hygiene practices and, as a result, I have VERY bad dental health)
*stretch every morning for at least 10 min. (I have gained a LOT of weight in the last few months, and I feel very inflexible...also I have band camp coming up NEXT WEEK and want to start JROTC)

*research and document natural ways to relieve depression and anxiety symptoms (I have issues with depression and anxiety as a result of low self-esteem, etc. and I need to find an alternate way to deal with it other than relying fully on psychiatric meds)
*study for Latin 2 final exam (I am almost done with the class, but I have been postponing the final for quite sometime now)
*gradually incorporate organization and cleaning skills into daily routine (I am a very disorganized person, get distracted very easily, and don t stay on task and get things done in a timely manner)

*set aside time each day to meditate for spiritual enlightenment (I want to become closer to God to help guide me through life)
*pray and thank God for the little things in life in order to find meaningfulness (I often feel like life has no meaning, so I m trying to change my ways and appreciate what I do have and the beauty of nature)
*keep a log of signs of spiritual awakening and growth including thoughts, dreams, events, suggestions, interpretations, etc. (I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, and I think that by documenting my progress, that I can learn from my experiences)


These are the goals on the first page of my journal for this week. In my journal, II have a page for each week to list my progress in each aspect of the goals and, at the end, I have a page for additional details which includes a food log (I believe that the body, mind, and spirit are all connected and need to be equally nurtured). I also have a page for motivational quotes to help me keep on track and not fall (or jump) back on my face. Finally, in the very back of the list I am going to throw together a bi-weekly playlist of songs that I feel represent how I am feeling after each 2 weeks.

I know this is alot of reading to do, and for that I am sorry, but I would like your thought on my start and any tips that may help improve my progress. Also, if any one has any past experience with this, I would love to here what you have to offer.

Thanks and have a nice day. (:
Answer :
Hi there! I am happy because you want to draw closer to Heavenly Father. I ve been with that broken soul scenario and I know, it s not good.

Your plans are really good. Esp. the spirit one.

*Avoid distractions. Don t fall into ANY distractions.
*Exercise your integrity and self-mastery.
*Ask people to help you.

Hi! If you need someone to talk to or want to ask about something, I d love to help you! Just drop by an email! Goodluck!

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