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Fast Lives: Women Who Use Crack Cocaine

Fast Lives: Women Who Use Crack Cocaine Providing insight into drug use from the point of view of female users, this book tells of the complex lives,

Fast Lives: Women Who Use Crack Cocaine
Fast Lives: Women Who Use Crack Cocaine

Providing insight into drug use from the point of view of female users, this book tells of the complex lives, challenges, and choices of women who use crack cocaine. While popular images of these women present them simply as unreliable individuals, unfit mothers, and women who will do almost anything for crack, Claire Sterk's years of ethnographic research reveal the nature and meaning of crack cocaine use in the larger context of their lives, including the impact of such issues as gender, class, and race. Focusing on active crack users, "Fast Lives" compiles information from participant observation, informal conversations, individual interviews, and group discussions. Sterk details the ways in which use affects the lives of these crack users. She captures how these women arrived at their use, how they survive under current circumstances such as the constant threat of HIV/AIDS and violence, how they develop and maintain intimate relationships, how they combine the multiple social roles of mother and drug user, and how as they share their aspirations and expectations for the future their stories underscore the effects of poverty, sexism, and racism on their lives. Many of these women recognize their own responsibility for ensuring positive change. Sterk's book, which includes an argument for a 'harm reduction' approach, reminds us that their strength and courage will too often be futile without social policies that are realistic and appropriate for women. "Fast Lives" will engage readers interested in social problems as well as students of cultural anthropology, sociology, criminology, public health, ethnography, substance abuse, and women's health. Claire E. Sterk is Associate Professor of Public Health at Emory University.

Fast Lives : Women Who Use Crack Cocaine
Fast Lives : Women Who Use Crack Cocaine
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Question :

What should we do against women (maybe only in the USA) who disrespect men?

We men protect you women, without us men, you would die!
We men build the civilization, history and science to make life easier, without us men, you women would die out very fast!
We men give life to you women thanks of our testicles, without us men, you women wouldn t be here!
We men gave you feminism, without us men, world will be hell for you!

So, we all know that women are totally dependant f us men. They can t do and can t live without us men! Look what men have done, they secured the world, give life to women and protected women and children. And look now at the society how women act to us men. They think that life is easy and they think they can do everything they want. They do not realize like us men that every moment, there can be a very unespected death upon you. They also don t respect us men.

Women are immature dumb idiots. What should we men do against the women who don t respect men?

If it weren t for us men, you women wouldn t be here, you wouldn t even survive much longer.
Without women, we men would be fine, it will only take our rib to reproduce, that s God s work by the way. Or we can use the artificial eggs. Science and technology flow fast isn t?

I know how women are the the USA, but I live in Belgium and here in Europe, women have HUGE respect of men, women in Europe talk to men very carefull like we men are kings :p.

Sorry for my bad English btw.
Answer :
o3o oh honey
we women choose whom to "spread our legs" for and hence we women choose whose DNA is passed down into the next generation.
Unless your rib contains a womb, you re kinda gunna need our lady parts.
and i m assuming you re not well educated in this here witch craft "science"
Scientifically artificial eggs can not be produced due to the structure and composition (at the standing moment) and if such could occur it would need DNA off a male (if all females where extinct) to which you would be joining chromosomes off two men (not that i m bothered) which is genetic homosexuality, which is " against" most religions.
HOWEVER, we women can genetically create and stimulate a sperm cell from female tissue. which means, that your statement on how we are Unnecessary is incorrect. You men do in fact need us, but we do not in fact need you to create life.

Every war so far has been caused by a man. a man with power.
Women, genetically being a "Weaker" gender of the species are therefore less likely to cause conflict, less likely to destroy and less likely to need protecting (cus y know we are FAR FROM LIVING IN CAVES)

so let me just some this up in case your translation doesn t some up.
We women choose who to father our children, we give you life.
We can protect ourselves.
We women have played important roles within history, science advancements and are apart of civilisation (there are more women on this earth than men)

o3o so honey-bunch show me some respect, as in treat me as your equal. because theres nothing more attractive than that.
They say a women can take anything and make it greater right? so treat me decently, give me some respect and THEN I WILL WORSHIP THE GROUND YOU WALK ON, kiss your feet and hell i may even throw in BJ.

until then, i feel sorry for the rest of you gender who sadly get branded with the same nasty tar that your representing


You are the biggest lady ***** killer ever, i hope you re trolling if not. God help you.
Question :

Why do "nice guys" (aka pushovers) insist that women like men who treat them like crap?

Do they truly have such a skewed view on relationships that they misunderstand absolutely everything?

For example, arguing.. I ve heard it said (by aforementioned "nice guy" syndrome sufferers) that women who like men that argue with them like being treated like crap.

If you think a woman is a gentle little flower who ll wither away the very second someone disagrees with her.. you re an idiot. On the other hand, if you actually argue/debate a topic with a woman, it shows that a) you respect that her opinion means something, b) you think she s mature/strong enough to handle an argument/debate, c) you re someone who will expand her knowledge and challenge her intellectually, and d) you care enough about her that you re willing to spend time trying to change her opinion. WHERE is she being treated like crap?

Then there s the "they don t even give her the time and love that she needs" silliness. Again, women aren t fragile little children. They re human beings. Nothing more, nothing less. JUST human beings. They want to *chase* a man just as much as we want to chase a woman. They want to feel like they re with someone who deserves their respect and attention, someone whose love and time they have to *earn* - the guys who shower it on a woman are boring, clingy, and on the fast track to getting dumped. If a guy plans a night out with his friends, and she asks him to cancel last minute.. of course he s going to still go out. She ll get pissy, sure, but then she ll realize she was being unreasonable and actually end up respecting him *more* for keeping his commitments and having a life outside of the relationship. How is having your own life and not being at a woman s beck and call treating her like crap?

And of course there s the "use women for sex" concept. I won t even respond to that one, as they themselves are saying women have no responsibility for their own actions and are little more than objects that can just be "used" by anyone who walks by.

Now, since there are so many whiny, clingy, completely insecure men out there.. sometimes women end up settling for jerks who *appear* to have the qualities they re after (confidence, excitement/fun, and men who know who they are and what they re about), but for the most part.. the guys they label asses and actions that they think are crap treatment.. really aren t.

What don t they get?! Do they honestly believe that women want an adoring fan or someone to worship the ground they walk on? This seems to be an absolutely out-of-control phenomenon in recent years, and it s disturbing. Why do they insist that women like being treated like crap and that they re victims of such a mindset?
Answer :
I think anyone could know if someone is a jerk. Jerks give a lot of red flags. To name a few:
- They are confident in a cocky way
- They have anger issues
- They... are basically jerkasses

But there are nice guys out there...it s too bad we re not as exciting and adventurous like those douchebags (Most are shy, but there are confident nice guys) I guess you ll have to learn and wait...


A recovering nice guy
Question :

Do You Know These Women Of The Computer World (Beware! there is a lot of different women listed here)?

INTERNET WOMAN: It s not easy to get access to her and you may get cut off a lot.

SERVER WOMAN: She s always busy when you need her. Sends you cryptic messages.

WINDOWS WOMAN: Everybody knows she has a lot of problems, but nobody can live without her.

AOL WOMAN: Nobody can stand her quirks and rules for more than half an hour. But she will try hard not to let you go away.

EXCEL WOMAN: They say she can do lots of things, but you only use her for the 4 basic operations.

WORD WOMAN: She always has a surprise problem for you and there isn t anybody who really understands her.

D.O.S. WOMAN: There was a time when everybody needed her, but nobody wants her now. She can do a lot of interesting tricks, but nobody cares anymore.

BACKUP WOMAN: You think you have everything with her, but actually there is always something missing.

SCANDISK WOMAN: Deep inside she is only trying to help by trying to clean you up and change you, But actually nobody knows what she is really doing.

SCREENSAVER WOMAN: She is useless, but you have fun with her. She will frequently interrupt what you are doing if you don t set her straight.

PAINTBRUSH WOMAN: Easy to use, but nobody gets satisfied. She leaves you wanting more.

RAM WOMAN: She forgets everything as soon as she is unplugged.

HARD DISK WOMAN: She always remembers everything, and thinks she is always right even if her memory is corrrupted.

MOUSE WOMAN: She is useful only when she is pushed and dragged. Tends to get dirty and sluggish.

MULTIMEDIA WOMAN: She makes everything look nice. Active and a lot of fun.

MICROSOFT WOMAN: She wants to dominate every man she meets. She ll try to convince you she s the best for you. She schemes how to make you get in trouble with other women. She promises you that she ll do whatever you want if you throw your girl friends telephone numbers away. Suddenly, she will be the only one in your life. There will come a time when you will need her approval before you can open the fridge or you can take your car keys.

PASSWORD WOMAN: You think you re the only one who knows her, but actually everybody knows her.

MP3 WOMAN: Everybody wants to have her. She is so easy to get.

USER WOMAN: She does nothing right and she is always demanding more than she really needs.

ANALYST-PROGRAMMER WOMAN: She is always cooking, she is always mending, fixing you and tweaking you to be better and have fewer errors. Very controlling type.

CPU WOMAN: She has a great look outside, but she is empty inside. Takes a lot of time to get her the way you want her, and then she may suddenly freeze up and not communicate with you.

MONITOR WOMAN: She makes you see life in colourful ways. Passes many interesting things on to you.

CD-ROM WOMAN: She can do a lot of tricks if you take the time to communicate with her carefully. The younger ones are pretty fast and easy.

CONSULTANT WOMAN: She tells you everything except what you want to know. She is mostly talk and little action.

E-MAIL WOMAN: When she talks, at least 8 things out of 10 are strange, meaningless or spam.
VIRUS WOMAN: (ALSO KNOWN AS WIFE) When you least expect, she gets into your life, she stays and takes control of all your belongings. If you try to get rid of her, you lose many resources. But, if you don t, then you may lose everything.

YAHOO WOMAN: Lives by her own rules. Just when you thing you have a great relationship, she will cut you off cold without warning or explanation.

DEFRAG WOMAN: She like to come in and clean up your house, and your dishes, change your litterbox and generally clean up your act. She does not talk much so let her do her work.

GROUP MODERATOR WOMEN: a very strange breed, all have their own rules about the way to live and do things, some are very quirky and arbitrary and even nasty if you don t behave as they think you should. Some are great fun to be with. No general rules about these.

MAC WOMAN: They have a superior attitude, which may or may not be justified. A minority group, they tend to seek other like minded people.
Answer :
hehe thats awesome.. at my worse I am an AOL woman. But shhh dont tell anyone.

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