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Listing Could Add Financial savings in 1U Rackmount Laptop or computer Buying

Competition has really heated up in the rackmount laptop business in recent times so that as you browse the web you will notice some really unbelievably di

Saving in Calgary: Small Savings that Add Up Personal Bankruptcy ...
Saving in Calgary: Small Savings that Add Up Personal Bankruptcy ...

Competition has really heated up in the rackmount laptop business in recent times so that as you browse the web you will notice some really unbelievably discounts. But before your credit-based card from your budget you'll want to look at the great and look for all of the features and ingredients you're obtaining. Do rackmount laptop designers really offer you devices without having internal disk drive or nil Memory? They certainly, so buyers keep in mind.

The RX6151 is a 1U rackmount laptop that can function as a work station or gain access to-place remote computer. The standard setup incorporates an Apple company Pentium 4 brand going at 28GHz, 512MB Memory and has now an 80GB SATA disk drive and included DVDRW. The system board for the RX6151 is completely functional. Mp3 in addition to video clip and gigabit LAN are built in. I realize some remote computer motherboards do not have built in and sound and that lots of applications have no need for it, but it's nice to know it's there if the need for seem need to develop. With an RX6151 there is no doubt that range-in, range-out and microphone stand ports are on the back of the machine and may function due to the fact they were examined. I discovered one business was up-asking for to get a riser credit card therefore the user would use to utilize no less than one on the Ares built in PCI machine games. Again, who would like to spend your time at a critical time requiring you to get it exclusive due to the fact the need for it has in truth showed up? Why don't you just toss it in to begin with? Properly, after you get an RX6151, there is no doubt that you'll get that riser credit card put in prepared to go to dedicate yourself to you.

UK Vouchers Blog - Money-Saving Vouchers & Frugal Tips at ...
UK Vouchers Blog - Money-Saving Vouchers & Frugal Tips at ...
25 billion in funds still locked away Could take 'three or four years ...
25 billion in funds still locked away Could take 'three or four years ...
Fear making list
Fear making list
 ... savings that the seller might be willing to give up with only one
... savings that the seller might be willing to give up with only one

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Marin Financial Planner Katy Song - Meeting the Financial Challenges of Growing Families newparentfinances-com - Katy Song of VitaVie Financial Planning talks about the financial challenges that new parents face VitaVie provides Listing Could Add Financial savings in 1U Rackmount Laptop or computer Buying

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Question :

Help!!! Moving to Hawaii I think, I could really use advice. ?

I know this will be a little long. But I will try and keep it short.

I am 27. I live in Los Angeles, Hollywood. I like it here, love it mostly. But for the past 3 years or so, I have been very unhappy with my life, so I am looking for a temporary change to get me into a new mentality (yes I have tried therapy and drugs, no help! lol).

Here is my situation:

I have a decent job right now, with plenty of growth opportunity, pay is just ok, not great, but they are taking advantage of me. I know I will keep growing there, but I hate the management and I think that is why I am unhappy there, plus the commute is 80 miles per day. And extremely high stress. I want to work for myself again, but the ideas have been a bit slow lately. The ideas I have partialy pursued, my good research skills prove it to be a bad move, thankfully before I invest. But it doesnt take away the let down feeling.

I live in Hollywood, love my roommates, pay 1000 per month, not bad.

I dont have friends I hang out with daily. I am pretty much a loner (by choice, I want to break it). I always choose to be by myself, one of the reasons I want to try Hawaii, make new friends, relearn what it is like to enjoy peoples company. Pretty much been in a funk since my ex broke my heart 2 years ago. I don t want her back, but cant move on. Change of scenery will help.

The main reason for not leaving, my family. I will miss them terribly. My mom, dad and brother.

So here is my thinking, please tell me if I am nuts.

1. I don t have a girlfriend, wife, kids or financial responsibilities. I just made my last car payment.

2. The economy sucks, so if I am just waiting it out, why not wait it out there?

3. I will miss my family, but we can video chat everyday.

4. I can make new friends out there, change my lifestyle and routine, maybe become less of a loner.

5. I love Hawaii. It is the only place I have ever felt relaxed. (Ocean front only).

6. I have a crush on a girl at Sensei (she has no idea I exist, but for past 2 vacations I have seen her, and never got the opportunity to talk to her. Stupid story, and reason, but added to the list anyway!

7. I think this would be a life experience worth pursing. Could change my life. I want to learn to surf, play the guitar, and work on my health. I could get a low stress night job, or a phone sales job early in the morning (I was always really good at b2b phone sales, I manage 3 data companies now and we are very successful due to my teachings and management) this would give me the ability to enjoy my day and night. Currently, I work 10 hours, commute 3 hours, and feel like a drown when I get home and close the door by myself.

The reasons not to go?

1. I have a job that could get me higher and higher if I am willing to stick with shady and evil bosses trying to mold me to be like them.

2. I will miss my family.

3. I will be putting my career on hold, having a low paying job and eating into savings.

4. I will have to sell my furniture and maybe car. But I can always buy new stuff.

Ok.... If anyone read this and replies, thank you for taking the time.

If you do think I should try it, should I go to Maui or Oahu?

Maui - more relaxing, Less expensive, and I have a friend who lives on the island (plus I have a crush on that girl).

Oahu - more like LA, More expensive, but better chance in getting a job similar to my current pay.

I am looking at ocean front rooms with roommates on craigslist, so far, cheaper than living in LA, go figure.

Please hurry, I am eating away at my brain.

Oh, and if it makes a difference, my birthday is Feb 20, Cusp of Pisces

THANK YOU EVERYONE! Sorry for spelling errors, dont have spell check on this computer.
Answer :
I had a relative that moved to Maui. A doctor who had been sought out by a hospital there, so had a good job going in.

He had heard of Island Fever, but never thought it could get him. It did.

He found that phones and internet connections did not compare to hugs and sitting across the room from family for idle late night chat.

He was discouraged by the quality of some medical industry that he observed, but as the outsider had no voice to create improvement.

He heard lots of stories of people who went over expecting to find work and running out of money and having to call home for a return ticket!

Better have your friend check out job availability in your field for you before you move there! Many Hawaiians are working 2 jobs to keep up with their needs!

Why don t you consider something like Santa Barbara? It has the beaches. It is more laid back than Hollywood/LA. There is more work available. If you want a change of scene you can drive to the desert, the mountains, or the culture of LA area.

With all the students at the University of California, you could likely find friends there! Take a couple of classes to meet some of them. Take classes based on your interests so you meet others interested in the same thing!

Think long and hard before moving to a small island so far from your roots.
Question :

Instead of paying trillions to the military, oil, financial, medical and nuclear companies...?

Couldn t the US government cut that money by half, then use half of what s remaining to eliminate the deficit and pay off debt?

Then there d still be trillions left over that could be used for whatever the hell else. One of my ideas:

Building up a fund to switch from AC to DC. All of our electronics (Generators, pumps, batteries, etc) either must use DC current (they can t be built to use AC directly, a transformer must be used) or can use DC current. What this would do is allow computers, solar panels, cell phones, things with rechargeable batteries, etc to not have to have their own transformer to convert AC to DC power. Most new machines could be built to plug directly into the system, eliminating tons of energy wastage every second of every day. The price of consumer electronics would go down - way fewer transformers would have to be built. Future generators could all be made to make DC. There is no technical barrier to doing this, and it would cause:
-lower electric bills due to lower power consumption - especially in the average person s home
-lower costs for becoming independent of the grid; ie: solar panels will no long need to have a transformer to change the current from DC to AC...to only be changed back into DC again when used by a computer, etc.
-lower prices for consumer electronics due to the lack of a need to manufacture transformers for most things.

Basically, after the initial costs are spent, which can be built over time without increasing taxes, DC will lower costs for anyone who charges batteries or uses computer systems or uses solar panels along with other applications, for lifetimes to come. Additionally, the sheer number of transformers not manufactured and used, and thus energy not wasted and air/water/earth not polluted will greatly benifit the envrionment in the long term.

And there d still be billions left over to lower taxes, or do whatever the hell else.

My question is, what do you think? Feel free to comment on my idea, or on the idea of cutting subsidies to all the sectors listed in the title to pay off the debt, etc.

I d like to add, that for lighting, direct current could be run through the existing wiring and all the bulbs replaced with direct current; though incandescent bulbs prob wouldn t have to be replaced. For existing appliances and electronics, though, a new transformer would have to be bought so that it can handle whatever is placed on the direct current line. New appliances and electronics could be plugged in and run directly from the wall, thus having all the benefits listed before.

I personally would recommend 12V DC, since then someone could simply buy an adapter (not an inverter/transformer), and plug all their **** right into their car.

Note***: Please note that most of the existing wiring would not have to be replaced, along with generators. It s mostly just building lots of new transformers and lights to make the switch, which hopefully could be done in the country of origin (thus creating jobs). After that, fewer transformers would need to be made per device and much less electricity would be wasted, resulting in long term savings for everyone but electric and transformer companies.
Answer :
Have you bothered to research AC and DC history? You ll find DC is hugely inefficient and may not be transmitted at any distance. You have to use multiple relay stations and more power plants. The loss of current and voltage is tremendous. No large scale national network grid could operate. The cost per household would be terrifying. Simply put? The wire needed to power, coming in, your home on DC would be as thick as your wrist. Per wire. Where as with AC the thickness is no more than your index finger. Which is why Edison s DC power plants gave way to Westinghouse s Tesla AC systems. Your simple HVAC you have now would have to be bedroom size to work at all. A dc powered compressor would be monstrous. Same with a refrigerator.

The simplest solution is at home solar and AC grid system updated. Nuclear power and hydro to power the grid. Nuclear is clean, safe and the waste IS recyclable. One year of waste can be placed under your desk. France has it down. Japan proved it is near indestructible even under extreme duress.

Besides, have you considered the shear amount of fresh, pure, water that MUST be used (shipped in) to clean every solar cell in a power plant size system? We would be under national level 3 water restrictions constantly. Solar cell efficiency drops drastically with the least bit of dirt film on it. Which is no fun here in Texas.

Simply put we are blessed to have Tesla s AC system. Edison may have made home electrification practical. But, Tesla made it work beyond simple home lighting and toasters.
Question :

Need opinion on very difficult situation that involves children?

I am 36 years old, a PhD student and the mother of two beautiful eight-month-old twin boys, and I"m in a major quandary. I m considering an open adoption as one possible solution to a very difficult situation. I can list the difficulties in order:

1. Lack of family support and lack of money, except for a small savings account that is all that remains from an inheritance (10K).

2. An Italian boyfriend who has helped me co-parent, yet who has a substance abuse problem that has destroyed the last twelve years of his life. He is not an everyday user, but relapses whenever he has money; the rest of the time, he is on suboxone. He has no money and no job, and I am supporting him. He is also in the States illegally, having overstayed his visa. We fight all the time, mainly about the question of marriage; he insists that if I were to marry him so that he could legalize his status, half of our problems (including his addiction) would be solved. But given that every time he has earned money (for small jobs here and there) he has relapsed, blowing thousands of dollars and contributing nothing to rent or bills when I was pregnant, I cannot take such a leap of faith (I would have to sign an affadavit of support assuming full financial responsibility for him; we would have to have a joint bank account...). I tried to reason with him-- earn my trust first, stay clean for a year and then we ll marry-- to no avail. He insists that he could get deported before then, or that I could change my mind...

He has not behaved in every respect like the stereotypical loser one associates with heroin addicts: he helps a great deal with child care and watches the babies while I work, saving me thousands of dollars. Yet he complains all the time (about having to be home all day, about my not giving him an allowance, not marrying him, not buying enough food, etc.) and is, in general, a sullen, belligerent presence who can be verbally abusive. I m so ready to be done with what is essentially a dead-end relationship, and the only reason why I keep him in my life at this point is that I need his help with childcare. However, all the fighting and his negative attitude has sucked the life out of me.....

3. The only family member who has been involved in my life is my mother, and we have a terrible relationship. She is emotionally immature, extremely needy and an alcoholic. There is the option of living with her in a section 8 apartment which she just qualified for, but I m afraid I ll want to shoot myself or her after a few days. (I should add that I did not grow up with her; I grew up with my father s parents, who are dead, as is my dad).

4. I have managed to support all four of us on a combination of graduate student loans and my scanty income as an adjunct, but I know that can t/won t last. Recently I discovered that the chance of getting a full-time salaried position as a professor with my humanities degree is the equivalent of winning the lottery. I am now planning on getting certified to teach in a public school, but still, even with a "real" modest middle class income (all that my education and teaching experience qualifies me for) I will not be able to afford being a single mother (therefore kicking my partner out of my life is not an option): rent, childcare, student loan & credit card payments.... I would need a "big break" to be able to afford all that.

5. I should be honest about my own limitations as a caregiver. I lack many skills that one would need as a mom and especially as a single mom: I m disorganized, hate housework (always have my laundry done), never cook, live on cappuccinos and cigarettes (i do keep second hand smoke away from babies), have a hard time with budgeting. I like to keep late hours and I m terrible with assembling anything. I m chronically late to everything and can easily forget appointments. I lack the arm strength to even lift the double stroller and I couldn t get babies out of the apartment (inconveniently a fifth-floor walkup) without their dad s help. In short, I m not a domestic woman and I m totally lacking when it comes to time management and mechanical skills.

My options then seem very limited:
1. Move into the sec 8 apt with my mom, hire a babysitter.... (but she drinks every night and gets provocative)
2. Do an open adoption with a loving, stable couple.
3. Try, somehow, to make it work on my own. Insist that my partner go into a rehab (at least for the summer) and make a real attempt to embrace recovery. Live off savings, go on temporary assistance, apply for more jobs...

I ve had a positive experience with open adoption over the years. My now ten year old son is being raised by a loving, ethical couple who can give him advantages I never had as a kid. We ve always maintained a respectful relationship and he is still a part of my life: I see him twice a year and speak to
Answer :
If you dont have the means to look after and raise children, whatever your situation, maybe you should stop having them. Why was your first child given up for adoption? Some people are just meant to be mothers, some of us are not, sounds to me like you are one of the latter. For the sake of your children and their future mental health, give them up for adoption.

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