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Am I An Alcoholic? (HD)

Am I An Alcoholic? (HD) Ezvid Inc. DIRECTIONS: Use application once per week, for six contiguous weeks, making note of each week s re

Social Anxiety Alcohol images
Social Anxiety Alcohol images

Ezvid Inc. DIRECTIONS: Use application once per week, for six contiguous weeks, making note of each week's results. The Am I An Alcoholic? application is a carefully tuned psychological questionnaire and analysis system for non-medical use only. Usage of this application on a sustained basis, when paired with proper note-taking, will shed light on possible substance abuse, problem drinking, alcohol dependence, binge tendencies, as well as co-morbidity with depression and anxiety. This is a comprehensive self-test application, however it is not a medical device, and does not replace nor is it a substitute for psychological therapy or drug therapy.When launched, the application asks the user a set of interrelated questions based on a rubric developed by clinical professionals, on topics ranging from substance abuse, binge drinking, depression, anxiety, general health and well-being, and more. Many people suffer symptoms of alcoholism, yet often these people are unaware of the implications of their symptoms. By using the Am I An Alcoholic? App, users whom the application identifies as being at risk for alcoholism may be prompted to seek further evaluation and treatment. Although outcome of the application is not a diagnosis, the results may be useful for both interpersonal relationships and practical self-knowledge.

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Alcohol - induced Psychotic Disorder And Delirium In The
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Question :

I strongly suspect I have AD HD, and a low I.Q. Is there any hope?

For the past 10 years my life has gone to hell, and it s only gotten progressively worse.

I was neglected and abused as a child by both of my mentally deranged parents, who thought it was a swell idea to hide me away from the world and deny me common human desires, such as friendship and social Integration.

As a result, I literally can hardly speak, forget eloquence; to another human being staring them in the face - I ve made countless life decisions that would be considered moronic and I have yet to find that special something that makes me feel as though life is meaningful.

I currently live in a small town, and needless to say, I have no friends. I am unemployed, stuck living with my alcoholic father who cannot even speak to me like I am a person - he can t even speak to me in complete sentences for christ s sakes - have no aim in life, and have been pondering suicide for approximately seven years. The only thing that made me happy was writing stories about people and places that do not exist, and I m so tired of living like this.

I m oddly reserved and anxious around other people, I can barely function around them, and I m ashamed to say that I resent my family. My father ran away and abandoned us when I was a kid, I was shuttled back and forth from alot of missions when I was a child, I was molested by my grandfather and by an older man when we were living in the mission. I told my mother, but she did nothing. Instead, she though it would be great to screw up her children by telling them she knew people who could take care of us , mafia style - not to mention all the physical, mental, and verbal abuse we endured from her.

I could go on, but it s alot of the same tired old crap. I m perpetually bored and live far below the poverty line. No one in my town wants to hire me, I ve gained a rep as the town retard . The only things in life that make it meaningful to me are the things I cannot ever posess. I used to pride myself on my individuality but now I just want to fit in. There s the rub I guess. I can t motivate myself to do much of anything, and I ve been breaking down in tears every day for the past year or so. I just can t lie to myself anymore and tell myself it s going to be alright. The only thing that stays my hand from taking my own life is fear of punishment from god. I wonder if given enough time and boredom, will that eventually break down...

I value accomplishment, intelligence, and friendship. I cannot delude myself anymore into believing I ever was fortunate enough to have had these things.

I want to make a change, but besides being incredibly shy and reserved, I just don t believe in myself anymore. Any advice besides the usual canned hash?
Answer :
You had a rough life, and it s no surprise that this has taken a toll on you. ADHD is possible, but it sounds like your social difficulties may be a form of asperger s syndrome, which is just a social problem. I d attempt to see a therapist. There are many places you can go for free or very cheap. From there you can figure out whats wrong. Maybe talking out your problems is what you need - some one to unload the burden on. Or maybe you need medication and things will fix themselves.

I can tell by your writing that you re not stupid, you can express yourself clearly, its just from bad parenting that you never developed good social skills. Once you address this, it will be easier to make friends. Being shy myself, I know how scary it is and often avoid people in fear that they ll think I m an idiot

Also, it sounds like you like to write, and that brings you pleasure. Keep writing. You can try applying to online newspapers and such and get paid to do what you like - while never having to say a word to anyone.
Question :

Help with my son he is wearing me down?

i am a father of four my 2 and half year old son is acting terrible.since his baby brother was born back in August his actions are just terrible.i have three boys ages 12,2 and half and 2 months i have a 8 year old daughter but my son lives with me and my feionsa which we just had another child.but he just was beat up by an adult and i am trying to give him a good life my feionsa and i try to do the best we can but he cry throw fits he makes himself throw up which doctors don t know why.it is me the women i am with and his baby brother in the household.and he doesn t want for anything the mother figure took over and helps and acts like he is hers but it is never enough.his mother had only seen him 5 times since october of last year.prior to that me and his mother weren t together and i had him at least 4 days a week.i have give in up everything i could for this boy and his brother and sister don t want to come here on weekends because of him.any help i been through medical and i am a mentally drained dad im on disability because of pshycal needs but trying to be the best dad i can.i love my kids but this one i love when he sleeps and i feel terrible about that.and i cant even walk out the front door without him getting upset and throwing a fit which ends up with him throwing up.im at the end of my ability s with him both me and his mother have "AD HD"but she is much younger and had used substances during pregnancy and i made her stop with en the first 6 weeks.i am a recovered drug addict and alcoholic after doctors worked on me nothing worked for the pain and i got hooked for the last few years i been clean and sober.my older two children love there dad now i just want to see all my kids and enjoy them but my second to the youngest is always causing a major problem hitting biting tantrums throwing up its kind of like having the exorcists for a child just kidding.any help would be great.
Answer :
He is young enough that you should put a reward system in place. Draw up a chart and get some stickers from the dollar store.

How long can he go while being good? Use that time frame when designing your chart.

Maybe 30 minutes, maybe 2 hours. Or you may want to just make a column for every time he does something good or nice he gets a sticker. That way he can try to change his behaviour on his own.

Tell him what he needs to do to get a sticker. Even if that changes throughout the day. Make sure you tell him if he hits or screams then he does not get his sticker. It may be slow going at first, but over time it should work. You ll need to have some sort of reward for the stickers in the end. Maybe his favourite treat ( bowl of icecream) but even more rewarding would be to go somewhere with dad. This will teach him right from wrong and over time you can increase his responsibilities and expectations.
Question :

I would like some advice on abuse?

Hi, I m going to ask some advice on abuse... And if this is abuse, my little brother and I are victims.

Things given to me:

-Name calling ie: *****, Dumbass, Shithead, and other cuss words.
-Yelling or screaming at (My mother yells at me daily)
-Blamed for problems... ie: Why my parents fight, problems they have, and pretty much everything that goes wrong.
-Threats of violence ie: to beat, hit, and punch me.
- Acts of violence ie: slap, hit, grab my neck,
-Humiliation ie: Calling me fat in front of my friend.
(And about if I am fat or not.. As far as I m concerned I m a healthy weight.. My doctor has tod me I am, the school nurse has...)
-Making me guilty of things that aren t my doing.
-Calling me an awful child.

I m not a bad kid.. I m respectful, I m in every advanced class my school has to offer, and I m an all A honor roll student, concert master of my school s advanced orchestra, and teachers adore me, as do other parents..

Now the things they do to me cause me to cut and harm myself...I ve cut all over my right wrist with a butcher knife last time and they were pretty bad looking but went away in 2 1/2 weeks.And I keep feeling the need to cut more, and more ought en.

As for my brother... He has AD HD... And some doctors think he is borderline autistic..I love him so much.. I m 14 and he is 9..

Things they do to him:

-Threats of violence
-Acts of violence ie: slap, hit, or shove.
-Yell or scream at him a lot.

He does misbehave a few times daily and very oughten.. But he s having challenges.. But he s coming such a long way.. He used to struggle and get C s and D s but now he s getting on the A and B honor roll and doing so much better. He just needs caring, nurturing, and support and guidance. He starts getting better in his behavior and he is such a smart boy.

Whenever they hit or hurt him in any way he starts bawling and crying and gets so upset.. It hurts me so much when they hurt him and I usually take him into my room and check and see if he s got a little bruise or if he s okay.. And I just let him stay with me for the night and talk to him and calm him down and tell him it s not his fault and he didn t deserve it. My parents or my dad specifically hits him over stupid things.. Like if he does somethnig slightly annoying he hits him on the head. My brother is so sensitive and sweet. He doesn t deserve it.

I don t want to turn my parents in but I want it to stop. It s been over 2 years now that this has been going on. My mom is addicted to pain meds and my father is an alcoholic and smoker to add detail..

I love my brother and I want help for us.

Am I just a whiny brat? Or is this abuse?

And you may state your opinions but could you please state them nicely? I would appreciate it.

Thank you.
Answer :
I would talk to your school counselor about this, your doctor, and I would also call CPS (child protective services). It is important to establish a support network for you and your brother, so I would talk to anyone who will listen. You are very articulate so I would tell CPS and the school counselor exactly everything you wrote above. I can imagine that you are afraid and conflicted by reporting ...but, I think it is absolutely imperative that you seek help! My heart goes out to you.

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