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Nice Information On Mental Health photos

A few nice information on mental health images I found: The Tolls of the Season Rain Down on the Depressed; Police Plan Intervention Image by pixiecl

Anxiety - Mental Heatlh Information  Mind Your Head
Anxiety - Mental Heatlh Information Mind Your Head

A few nice information on mental health images I found:

The Tolls of the Season Rain Down on the Depressed; Police Plan Intervention

Image by pixieclipx
Christmas is always a tough time for those suffering from depression and/or mental illness. Here police meet up and plan an intervention before driving 3 blocks to a home where a man is holed up and threatening suicide. Christmas is also a very tough time for police officers. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as "suicide by cop", wherein, people so desperate to die, often put themselves in a position that the police are forced to take their lives, and that is actually how the suicidal person wanted to die, at the hands of the cop, because that person could not do it to themselves, they wanted the cop to do it for them, so they put a gun to their head, then turn the gun on the cop, forcing the cop to pull the trigger of his/her gun, to save his/her own life, but in doing so, killing the suicidal person. Suicidal individuals even lead cops on high speed chases, hoping they will die in high speed pursuits, but that puts so many lives in danger, not just the suicidal person. There has been significant training in this, now cops use alternative methods when dealing with suicidal individuals, in the hopes that the suicide can be prevented altogether. No cop ever wants to use deadly force on a troubled individual, ever.

Supporting behavioral health education in Lilongwe, Malawi, March 2011

Image by US Army Africa
U.S. Army photo by U.S. Army Africa

Maj. David Sensiba, behavioral health deputy director, European Regional Medical Command (ERMC) and Chap. (Maj.) Allen Staley, world religions chaplain, U.S. Army Africa (USARAF) traveled to Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe, Malawi, recently to meet with more than 30 health care providers and chaplains of the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) to exchange information on military behavioral health.

Sensiba said the purpose of the exchange was to increase respective understanding while building partnership and capability between the two organizations.

We shared with them what we do in the area of behavioral health care for U.S. Soldiers and Families, with particular emphasis on deployment cycle support, and they shared what they do, Sensiba said. This dialogue was very productive and timely, thanks to lessons learned from U.S. deployments and the MDFs role in Peacekeeping operations in Africa, he said.
Staley described the chaplain role as one of cooperation and team work.

We discussed the strong partnership between the chaplaincy and medical/behavioral health care providers, as members of the same professional team in the interests of providing the best care to MDF Soldiers and Families, he said.

Anxiety And Panic  Mental Health  Information On Mental Health
Anxiety And Panic Mental Health Information On Mental Health
what is good mental health we are all more or less mentally healthy ...
what is good mental health we are all more or less mentally healthy ...
Mental Health - Anxiety
Mental Health - Anxiety
Mental Health allows your mind to grow with you
Mental Health allows your mind to grow with you

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OCD And Me May Is Mental Health Month

OCD And Me May Is Mental Health Month So May is mental health month Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder OCD is an anxiety disorder and is characterized by recurrent unwanted thoughts Nice Information On Mental Health photos

Commonly question about Nice Information On Mental Health photos

Question :

What to do if you re being blackmailed..? Reasonably important.?

I am 16, my mental health is very bad and when this first happened i must of only jut been 15. Over a year ago I started speaking to someone online (who lived local and knew some of my friends) and we got chatting for a while and got close(ish). He treated me like a princess and would often talk about how I was and the problems I was having. It seemed nice but I felt that something wasn t quite 100% genuine.
I remember when he first wanted to speak to me on the phone and I really didn t want to, and when I said that I didn t he went off the walls crazy at me, throwing in the fact his mother had cancer to make me feel **** etc. So I eventually agreed and we spoke for a short while on the phone.
I grew a soft spot for him as I really felt bad about his mum having cancer and all this other stuff, but one day he asked me to go on webcam. So if I dislike phone calls then I am probably going to really dislike webcam, even more so that he did not have one. None the less after about an hour of what I would consider to be emotional blackmail, I went on webcam for him. A few days after this he wanted to take things to the next level (baring in mind I was 15 at the time and he is 26 now). He told me what he wanted to do to me because I made him feel that way, and MADE me play along with his messed up "cyber-sex" despite saying multiple times that I did not want to do it and I didn t like him in that way. Eventually, he was demanding for photos of myself (yes those photos) so after days of putting up with someone constantly texting you and calling saying crazy things, I sent him two photos.
He said that he grew lots of Marijuana in his house and sold it where he lived. He said that he had too much Marijuana and wanted to give me lots. I wasn t sure about this as I had never met this person but he insisted that he was giving me it as a present and wanted nothing in return. I am not a drug addict but it sounded like a good time to me.
The next time I spoke to him I was being accused of spreading around that he put me in a car and raped me. Apparently, I was the person spreading it around to all his friends and anyone who would listen. To cut a long story short I put up with a lot of **** for a while after that even though I had done nothing wrong towards him.
Today I received a friend request on Facebook from this person who i have not spoken to since all that crap. I accepted it quickly to see if it was who I thought it was, he then started talking to me saying that even though he had a new phone he still had the photos and our previous conversations, that everyone he knew now wanted me dead and that I would see the photos all over billboards where I live, that he would send them to my family and my friends.

I can not feel anymore regret or stupidity from sending the photos, and have spent all night trying to find some information online that could help me with no luck. Again, this is relatively important so even reading my rant would mean a lot right now. Thanks for your time.
Answer :
First off: His black mail is illegal. If he even tries that, someone will report it as child pornography and his *** will be in jail.
Now, he has NO power over you. Don t let him think he does! Tell him that it s illegal for him to have those pictures, and that if he doesn t get rid of them, you ll tell the cops. This isn t just a threat either, because if you choose to, it could happen.
So: let him know this, and see how he responds. And remember, he has absolutely NO power over you. His only threat will get him locked up.

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