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Agitated Depression - Is There a Cure?

by Morning Calm News You may have heard of agitated depression, but you may not be sure what exactly it is. Basically this type of depression is a t


by Morning Calm News

You may have heard of agitated depression, but you may not be sure what exactly it is. Basically this type of depression is a type of clinical depression in which patients have deal with restlessness as well as irritability. This is the term that is used for those who have depression when agitation is very prominent, and this is a very severe type of depression. Usually it is those who are elderly or those in middle age years that go through this type of depression.

While often people who go through depression feel very fatigued and laid back, there are others that are very irritable, angry, and agitated. This is what is being referred to when it comes to agitated depression. Although agitation can occur with other forms of depression, it is given this name when the agitation involved is very severe. However, there are no reasons to think that this type of depression is really different than other types of depression in most ways.

When it comes to agitated depression, there are several things that patients must show in order to be diagnosed with this type of depression. First of all, they must be having a major episode of depression. They must show symptoms like psychic agitation, tension on the inside, crowded thoughts, racing thoughts, or motor agitation. When they have at least two of these symptoms when going through an episode of depression, it is considered to be agitated depression.

There are a variety of different ways that this agitated depression may be expressed in patients. Some may pace a lot, others may shout out or start complaining. Others cannot sit still, some pull hair, rub their skin or clothes, keep talking all the time, or may go around wringing their hands all of the time.

Agitated depression symptoms
Agitated depression symptoms
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Commonly question about Agitated Depression - Is There a Cure?

Question :

20 year old depressed virgin needs help on curing depression a.k.a getting sex w/o paying a.k.a prostitute?

Basically my **** is ******* wack atm, I m from Australia (so shits diff to the US, if I was there i d already have lost it by now).I ll be 20 come July and will probably shoot myself If I don t get laid by then (figure of speech, though I might take it out on others.... kidding, i m just a lil agitated as you can see)

Now basically in school I asn t much of a bad kid or nuthin, people were just straight trippin and lost of people hated me or didn t think much of me for reasons unknown, and because I had like no friends then, thats why I didn t get the chance to lose it, basically most weekend nights were spent alone and It was a load of ****.

And when I go clubbing I can t really get chicks cos alot of them are straight up dissin, or probably wouldn t want random sex I don t think.

I d probably want it with someone meaningful but now Idc and I gotta know how i can lose it before I turn 21. I m thinking of making a movie on the whole thing too but only if things get really interesting.

Any SERIOUS ideas?
Answer :
Okay, so what you need to do is chill out, and not LOOK for sex.
You ll find a girl, there s someone out there for everybody, in fact, many someones. And then sex will come naturally with time, depending on the girl.

I wouldn t worry about it too much. It doesn t make you a man to not be a virgin, that retarded. Just be patient :
Question :

Is there a cure for bpd, personality disorders and my problems?

im 34 and suffered extensive psychological problems all my adult life virtually, in my life i have also suffered being victimised a lot...because i was quiet shy....and struggled to form any friends.

i struggle with my confidence, self esteem and being self assured because of all those knocks i took.

im tired of having so much rage problems from my past and injustices...of having unstable emotions with deep depressions....violent thoughts....rage attacks when a person says or does something i dont like....of having high anxiety and anxious thoughts everyday.

of feeling in a state of loneliness and feeling abandonment ...which is worse because i live in a flat alone and have never formed any adult relationships ever because of my problems..

being triggered into anxiety and rage because i also suffer post traumatic stress symptoms..because of a street attack i provoked because of rage outbursts.

everyday i still go from extreme symptoms....raging..then deep sadness or guilt...anxiety..anxious thoughts....paranoia that people in society are conspiring against me.

because i have a sense of high morality...i always want to do whats right...and feel guilt if i let out anger when i shouldnt of done..

im on an anti anxiety medication and hope for some psychology in the future....ive been failed by the mental health services in the past...because they always told me theres no resources for psychotherapy in my area.
i try to hold it together everyday.....but i still have drastic behaviours, feelings...even though i have made progress from where i once was.

i would just like to be able to walk outside and feel calm, composed, in control and not unstable, anxious, nervous, unconfident or agitated.
Answer :
Hello there. You can check out this website: http://low-selfesteem.com/

Hope it will help you
Question :

Do you think you are mentally ill with anxiety and depression?

Watch this the truth about psychiatry:

I knew that antidepressants causes hypoglycemia therefore depression and psychosis!
But I thought it was by accident...
But in this video about the hystory of psychiatry it shows that it s on purpose and the very point of the drug, and it has NOTHING to do with making you happier.

They used electrochocs to cause brain damage and make people docile, with the idea that someone who doesn t complain and isn t agitated is cured. To help THEMSELVES into making patients easy to manage.
They lobotomized people with an ice pic to create the same effect.
What I didn t know is that they also used insulin... to cause brain damage.
When we over eat, or eat at all, the blood sugar gets higher than what we need. There is a message sent to the pancreas to produce insulin so the excess of energy would be stored in the liver and as fat.
When we eat too much sugar or processed food absorbed too fast without fiber to slow it down, it whips the pancreas into producing too much insulin. Or if we don t eat enough.
This causes hypoglycemia.
Which means that the brain doesn t have enough fuel, which is as tragic as suffocating without oxygen.
You are dying.
So it s normal to feel lousy, depressed, to have seizure, even psychosis hallucinations, coma and death... it can cause brain damage...

And the psychiatrists and COUNTING ON IT... to make you docile...
(That s why people on it end up obese, they are robbed of their energy and forced to stock it)

Anti-depressants causes depression... and enslave you into making them do huge profits...

And when the drug truly damages you, they say "Oh, you just got worst let s up the dose"
And they are COUNTING ON IT.

So I beg of you... trust your bodies.
It s normal to be depressed and anxious when you are sleep depraved, overwork, starved...
Not all calories are equal, sugar is a poison and not enough to live. The company that prepares your food used almost only sugar and hides it under different names so it won t be the first ingredient... Because sugar cost nothing.

Of course kids will be hyperactive if we give them colas full of caffeine and sugars.

Of course kids need to run around, they used to work on the farm with their parents, it s inhumane to have them stare all day without a word.

Of course you ll be maniaco depressive if you eat an overdose of sugar (like alcohol and cakes and all made up foods) with a huge high then a crash.

Of course you ll think of suicide trying to reach the perfection when you are just human and it s normal to make mistakes.

Please... rest, eat actually food that comes directly from the ground or from something with a face.

Make up has heavy metals and arsenic in it... of course you ll have a scary dreadful feeling of death painting that on your face everyday!

Save yourself... and don t ever believe someone trying to take your power away. You are not insane! You are not defective! If somethings wrong, find it and help yourself into a better life!

Have you ever been abused by psys? They told me I have no quality and everything, even proved physical illnesses, are only in my head and that I don t have to be treated for them.

Good food, rest, getting rid of poisonous things and people... (and exercise... hm...) it works!

Trust your body. Not devious pushers.
Answer :
I am not mentally ill. I am emotionally ill. Mentally, I am fine.



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