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Sales Principles & The Mental Health Profession - Strategies That Lead To Success In The Marketplace

by familymwr CHALLENGES FOR THE PROFESSIONMental Health issues make their way across the newswire at an alarming rate. We hear about teenage suicide

: Generating Wealth In The Mental Health Profession: Sales Principles ...
: Generating Wealth In The Mental Health Profession: Sales Principles ...

by familymwr


Mental Health issues make their way across the newswire at an alarming rate. We hear about teenage suicide, random acts of violence, an increase in depression and anxiety across all ages, substance abuse, complex trauma at home and abroad. Even more alarming are societal maladies that are rarely discussed. Children forever lost in chaotic homes where violence and sexual abuse is pervasive with national and local systems ill equipped to effectively address these tragedies. Such is the world a mental health professional finds herself/himself thrust into as part of a calling to serve and help those suffering psychological and emotional pain.

A mental health career is a noble and courageous endeavor, which can come at a significant price. We see state governments use mental health services as a scapegoat for poor financial management and planning, choosing to balance their Medicaid books at the expense of community based mental health programs. As a result, mental health practitioners are asked to serve effectively with few resources, little pay and even fewer options to grow professionally.

Mental health services in the private sector are equally challenging. Insurance companies devalue these services as evidenced by limited reimbursement rates, few behavioral healthcare plans for employees, and the implementation of complex and convoluted systems that test the most patient and saint-worthy of practitioners.

In spite of all these challenges in the mental health marketplace, there are specific business strategies and approaches practitioners can adopt in an effort to overcome these obstacles and ultimately triumph in the profession. In this article I discuss many of the key strategies and will expound on them in greater detail in future publications. The understanding and use of best-in-class sales and marketing principles will serve to complement an already rich skill set that will help mental health professionals succeed in ways they may not have imagined possible!


The business world is changing at an incredibly fast pace and many of these changes have a profound impact on the way people do business. Most of us in the mental health field, however, remain blissfully ignorant and unaware of these subtle but powerful events. Those lucky few who become aware of some of these changes (e.g., technological advances that decentralize and empower people at all levels; new concepts in sales & marketing that enable you to grow your business at hyper-speed using a sophisticated multimedia approach) are presented with a window of opportunity that can lead to tremendous growth and independence. Opportunities abound for those who are open to some of these new ideas and willing to integrate new concepts into their mental health service model. The key lies in how highly skilled mental health professionals approach the marketplace and what tools they choose to use in order to succeed in a competitive environment. As a licensed clinician and mental health consultant for over 15 years I have seen many success stories that were the direct result of the effective use of the key principles I discuss in this article.

A key area most mental health professionals are sorely lacking and unaware is in understanding, utilizing and integrating sophisticated sales skills within their practice! Did you say sales skills?! Yes, indeed I did. Clinicians receive heavy doses of clinical training in graduate schools and continuing education programs. However, very little is offered in terms of how to succeed in the profession from both a financial and career development perspective. There are business seminars focusing on billing practices, business systems, and various administrative tasks but few if any discuss the power and importance of sales skills in our profession. This area is often so untapped that adopting even some of the more basic principles will immediately distinguish you in the profession and give you an extreme economic advantage in the mental health marketplace.

At first glance the idea of adopting sales principles conjures up images of self-serving, manipulative tactics and ploys. As a result, a sales approach is often the furthest from the mind of a mental health professional. However, this position is misguided and comes from a limited understanding of sales theory and practice in general. First and foremost, selling and the sales process is a critical element in all areas of commerce. No business takes place without a sales transaction of some sort or another. Mental Health services are not utilized unless a sale is made and someone chooses to use a specific service, you are not hired into a clinical position unless you effectively sell yourself to the hiring manager, a private practice does not last long without consistent sales for services, and funding for community programs is not awarded unless a government entity is sold on the need and importance of those services. As a result, our first step here is to acknowledge and accept that sales are a critical part of the process in the mental health business.

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Commonly question about Sales Principles & The Mental Health Profession - Strategies That Lead To Success In The Marketplace

Question :

Poll: Carrier orientation in a birth chart- is this true for you?

According to an article carrier orientation is determined by the pisces influence in a birth chart. Here is a part of this article:

Careers through the Pisces Influence
To understand how to apply these principles in a birth
chart, here is a list of examples of professional associations
with the Pisces archetype. These associations are made when
one factor of the Pisces archetype (sign, house, or planet) is
synthesized with another signs archetype. For example, Mars
in the 12th house reflects Pisces (12th house) synthesized with
Aries (Mars). Further applications will follow.

Pisces/Aries: any artistically oriented profession, activism,
defense, army, crime, criminology, weapons industry, firefighting,
sports, sales, sex industry, professions portraying sex
symbols (fashion modeling, show business).

Pisces/Taurus: finances, banking, loans, music, design (interior,
hair, graphic); landscape architecture, construction industry,
massage, sex industry, food industry.

Pisces/Gemini: transportation, travel, communication, language
and translation, cross-cultural professions, anthropology, lecturing and writing (published), media and journalism, teaching
and special education, trend-related professions.

Pisces/Cancer: hospitality industry, food industry, real
estate, social work, foster care, homeland security, the ability
to address/affect public emotions: politics, show business.

Pisces/Leo: creativity/art, performance, show business,
leadership (politics, spiritual teaching, film directing); professions
related to children (pediatrics, toy/game industry,
school-teaching, adoption); pet industry, saving lives:
medical field.

Pisces/Virgo: medical field (conventional or
alternative modalities); mechanics, maintenance,
secretarial work, engineering,
hygiene-related professions, domestication
of the wild (animal training, agriculture);
professions related to body use
and refinement (sports, yoga, diet, fitness
industries); professions related to beauty
and aesthetics (design, plastic surgery, fashion
industry and modeling).

Pisces/Libra: any aspect of counseling (psychology,
consulting); mediation, law, wedding industry,
professions that relate to the exploration of the lives of
others (biographies, journalism/interviews); sociology, human

Pisces/Scorpio: therapy (psychology and related alternative
modalities); defense (crime, criminology, weapons, security);
sex industry, banking, mortgages, death industry (hospice,
funeral, coroners work).

Pisces/Sagittarius: publishing, sales, entrepreneurship,
higher education, mysticism, theology, anthropology, travel.
Pisces/Capricorn: politics, law and law enforcement, professions
related to morality; mentoring, education, training,

Pisces/Aquarius: all sciences, engineering, computer
industry, Internet businesses, research and inventions,
astrology and esoteric disciplines, professions that relate
to community/organizations; human resources/social
rights, mental health and psychiatry, media and
broadcasting, scriptwriting (fiction and science
fiction); photography, trend-related

Pisces/Pisces (e.g., Neptune or Pisces
in the 12th house or Neptune in Pisces):
natural resources (oil, gas, gems); oceanography,
climate-related professions,
wildlife and nature, professions related to
religion and spirituality; vacation industry
(resorts, travel); public institutions (police,
health care, firefighting, army, welfare); movie

The 10th house
demonstrates how we are going to promote and manage our career, rather than the actual choice of career.
Answer :
wow... not sure where you got that data, but it is describing the house traits, and truly poor direction for career insights. Vocational astrology does not work this way. Know that not all data on the internet is complete or solid data.


experienced astrologer/reader

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