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What Happens During a Manic Episode? (Mental Health Guru)

Bipolar Disorder is a complex mood disorder characterized by dramatic mood swings between poles of mania and depression. mental.

What Happens During a Manic Episode?
What Happens During a Manic Episode?

Bipolar Disorder is a complex mood disorder characterized by dramatic mood swings between poles of mania and depression.
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Bipolar Manic Depression
Bipolar Manic Depression
 ... after her during the holiday.
... after her during the holiday. "That was really tough," the girl
What Happens During A Hair Loss Consultation
What Happens During A Hair Loss Consultation
 ... changes are called mood episodes your child may have manic episodes
... changes are called mood episodes your child may have manic episodes

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Question :

What happens during a manic/depressive episode when you are bipolar?

i am writing a story about someone who has bipolar and i want to get as much detail as i can so i can explain it well in my book....
i would love all details i can get from those who have experience both a manic and a depressive episodes....

your answers are much appreciated!
Answer :
i ve been manic. it feels like your invincible and on top of the world. it feels like your very confident.
Question :

How to help SIL while her DH is hospitalized during manic episode?

my brother (in his 30 s) has bipolar disorder and was admitted into the hospital yesterday mid day (pretty willingly and is doing "fine" all things considered) due to a manic episode. last time, and the 1st time, this happened was 2 yrs. ago. he was more alone that time, but now he s been married since september. dated her about 1 yr before marrying and she knew him for some years prior, but not super close. but yes she knew all about the bipolar going into the relationship. but he s been quite stable and doing well until the past couple of weeks leading up to this. so this is new and somewhat scary for my SIL and I think she s fearing he s not going to return to being the person she knows and loves.
ok my question is how involved as a sister should i be? my parents are extremely involved...sometimes I think too much so. i just got an email from my mom asking "any ideas on what we can do to help SIL?" I am struggling with this a little. he s in the hospital. there s nothing i can do. he s not a child. he s got a wife. no kids. I m not really feeling like I SHOULD be doing anything specific aside from staying in contact with her to offer support through talking and seeing how he s doing. I have a VERY full and busy life with 3 kids, a working husband, several pets, running a daycare in my home (they are napping now!) and I m in the midst of trying to get ready for a week s vacation starting Friday.
I feel like my mom, whose whole life unhealthfully revolves around her grown children s every action, is thinking I and my 2 siblings should be jumping into action to provide all this amazing support to SIL. Frankly, it s kind of ticking me off. I am so sad and sorry that my brother has to suffer his whole life with this illness, but I am not going to let it consume my life as it seems to be my mothers.
Maybe this is more of a vent, but any advice or opinions would be great. Thanks!
Answer :
I completely know how you feel. You re shutting off, because you have enough stress already on your plate, and it s your mechanism of coping. I ve done it, don t feel bad. You can only do so much, you re only human -- just remember it s okay to say no once in a while.
Your mother sounds like mine -- super involved -- expecting everyone to jump and be constantly obsessed 24/7. It s HER way of dealing, I suppose. I always wanted my mother to go into therapy herself for how she reacts to these crises. It s sad, but she s too stubborn, so then we all have to cope.
Try to stay calm, try not to press buttons. Cut things short when you feel you re about to explode. Give yourself space.
Your SIL must have family and friends of her own to fill in gaps of time to deal. Right? Sounds like you are already giving her support. She ll be okay. Your mother is just giving you extra guilt trips. Just let it slide, assure her she ll be fine and you do help her out and will continue to do so. But she needs to understand for you to be okay yourself, and for your family, your kids, you sometimes just need a little space to back away, that s all. So as long as she understands that, or at least hears you out -- I ve noticed my mother backed up a little when I told her that. Good luck, and I hope your brother gets better at least brought back to feeling more himself.


Question :

How to deal with a mother during a manic depressive episode. 3 days to get out?

I am 21, currently living with my mother. I had to move in 6months ago because of financial reasons, and also a health issue I had going on. Currently she is in an episode and apparently I have to get out in three days and I have no where to go, have to pay her a certain amount of money which i do not have and can not come up with in that time (also included a time where she took my car away from me when i told her to take it and sell it because i could not afford it anymore, so she kept it and paid the payments when i told her not to) As a back story My mother is an extreme manic depressive, She has been divorced twice, had me as an accident at 42, and divorced my dad when i was three. I remember she always had ups and downs, When i think of my mother i think of two different people. One is loving and will do anything for her children, the other is a terrible hateful, spiteful woman who will take everything away. She drove my dad away with her psychoness, she beat me and yelled at me and spit on me as a child, I remember once when i was 8 i was so frightened at her I avoided her and one day i was walking past her bedroom and she told me "To leave because she was such a shitty mother" There are whole parts of my childhood i don t remember and my only guess is i have blocked them out. For instance when i was about five my mother tried to commit suicide, was put in a mental hospital. She threatened to do it again and take me with her. So my siblings and I lived with my grandparents for sometime, which i can t even remember that. Yet i can distinctly remember memories with my dad at that age. Although she is on medication she routinely gets into these terrible episodes once 1-3 months. She also has done it when my sister and i moved out, when My eldest brother leaves after visiting from out of state. She did it over Christmas of 2009 totally left and went somewhere and we didn t see her, etc. etc
Anyways my mom is on yet another manic and wrote up an eviction notice telling me i must leave with in three days, and pay like $6,000 by then. Shes also reposesing my car now I have had an extremely rough year, and i cannot put up with this treatment and behavior anymore. I m worried this is a condition i will inherit, Im currently on antidepressants for depression onset by a specific event that happened to me last year. Usually i just ignore her when shes on these episodes but I can t anymore and she is affecting my health, and im also worried if i ignore her or leave the house something will happen to my property or my dog. what should i do about this and approach this situation. My mother does have a psychiatrist she goes to for medication, not sure about a therapist. Any insight would be much appreciative.
Answer :
Find a good friend in the area who would allow you to move in with her for the time being. (If you can, try not to make it a long time.) And talk to your mum about paying off the money with time. Like split the total through one year. Good luck! :)

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