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Important Steps to Take For Your Landing Pages in 2012

If you want to have higher sales and conversions, it s essential to properly optimize your landing pages. In 2012, Google has once again revised its algori

 ... , there are a few important steps they can take to maximize results
... , there are a few important steps they can take to maximize results

If you want to have higher sales and conversions, it's essential to properly optimize your landing pages. In 2012, Google has once again revised its algorithm, which means you have to really pay attention to this now. You can't base your strategy on what was effective three years ago, as things have changed quite a bit. Google, however, has always been mainly focused with rewarding content that's popular with users and that hasn't changed. One thing that is certain is that you should look at your landing pages closely and see if they could do with some re-working. If you want to make sure your landing pages are well optimized for the search engines, as well as appealing to your visitors, the following tips will help you. ku

If you want to use pay per click for your site, then your home page should not be your designated destination url. This is one of the mistakes that people make. When you are advertising, never resort to including your home page. You want to be really targeted by sending people to the inside pages of your websites. This is something that newbies tend to do, but you can turn it around.

How to make landing page in your Facebook fan page?  Huzzer
How to make landing page in your Facebook fan page? Huzzer
Steps to Picking the Perfect Number of Landing Page Form Fields
Steps to Picking the Perfect Number of Landing Page Form Fields
 ... the most beneficial and important steps you can take to improve your
... the most beneficial and important steps you can take to improve your
 ... important steps to overcome as much as possible and take a better
... important steps to overcome as much as possible and take a better

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Hobbit Heroism
A hero to me is someone who is courageous in the face of danger. One who does not run away and hide, but faces it head-on, whether they are triumphant or not are heroes. Bilbo and Frodo Baggins both show courage when forced into situations that would be too much for any other person. Their loyalty to their companions and their love for their friends exemplifies their heroic qualities by shaping their good nature for the reader.
Bilbos journey begins not because he wanted adventure, but because he was bullied into it by the wizard known as Gandalf. At first he was not keen on the idea, but after being pushed more and more he started to get a little interested and even excited about the adventure to come. He was sure that he would not be of much help to the party, but said he would do his best; I am quite sure you have come to the wrong house. As soon as I saw your funny faces on the door-step, I had my doubts. But treat it as the right one. Tell me what you want done, and I will try it
Already that shows that Bilbo had started to get more courageous and that his heroic side was coming out. Just as important as his courage is his humility. This humility is with him even to the end of his journey, and keeps him in high regards with his comrades, as said in Thorins last words; There is more in you than you know, child of the Kindly West. Some courage and some wisdom, blended in measure. If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.(The Hobbit)

Bilbo may not have been a Natural hero(Purtill), but as he faced danger after danger he became stronger in both will and heart, proving he could be useful in their quest. If he was not the hero that he is, his dwarf companions would have failed their quest and died numerous times, such as when they were captured by spiders. Bilbo freed himself by slashing the webs that bound his legs, and then slaying the spider that tied him up. He then went on to lead away the spiders that captured his allies, only to sneak back afterwards to free his friends. While naturally being heroic would be a good thing, shaping those qualities yourself is an amazing feat that most people cant ever accomplish. Bilbo gradually got his courage and confidence that made it possible for him to survive and to advance on his journey.
Frodo Baggins is Bilbos nephew. He is the one chosen by the Council of Elrond to carry the Ring of Power, forged by Lord Sauron in the fires of Mt. Doom. In the beginning of The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo leaves the magic ring with Frodo when he leaves his home in the Shire after Gandalf persuaded him to do so. Like his cousin, he was also put into a position of leadership over his friends Merry and Pippin. (Purtill)
It was soon after their journey began that his loyalty and courage were beginning to reveal themselves. While they were in the Wild Lands between Bree and the Shire, they were captured by Barrow-wights. Frodo awoke to see all of his friends asleep around him, and for a moment he considered using the ring to escape and leave them there. They eventually get to Bree and, while in the inn, Pippin has too much to drink and starts talking about their quest. Frodo interrupts by thanking everyone and then making everyone burst into song. He soon puts on the Ring by accident, and disappears, which gives away the fact that hes the Ringbearer.(Fellowship of the Ring)
Luckily a man named Aragorn helped Frodo and his party safely escape. The group ventures to the land of Rivendell, where his cousin Bilbo had gone after leaving the Shire. Here is where the Council decided he was to stay Ringbearer, and the party grew with the addition of Gimli the dwarf, and Legolas the elf. Frodo truly showed courage and humility by accepting the task of taking the Ring right into Mordor. Even more powerful persons, like Gandalf, had to turn down the ring because they knew they wouldnt be able to handle it. They would end up using its power for their own gain. This shows Frodos humility and how he knows his limitations.(Return of the King)
Frodo has shown so far in the story that he can be a hero when needed, but unlike his cousin, he allows his allies to do most of the work. He is constantly saved by others during their journey, so what really shows his heroism is his loyalty and his choices. Back in the burial mound, he chose to save his friends. In Rivendell, he chose to take the Ring. Between all of the battles and worries, he does still remain loyal to his party and tries his best to keep them going.(Two Towers)
Compared to Bilbo, Frodo is less of a hero because instead of figuring out most of his issues alone, he lets others do it for him. Such as when he was stabbed by a wring-wraith, only to be saved by the others. Bilbo on the other hand was rescued a few times, but more often than not he was left to fend for himself, like the spider incident.(Purtill)
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