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Some Interesting treating anxiety attacks images: Kids_Safari2 Image by Counselman Collection Kalahari Nightmare We had our winter family camping trip

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Some Interesting treating anxiety attacks images:


Image by Counselman Collection
Kalahari Nightmare
We had our winter family camping trip together at Kalahari again this year January, but I do not know if we will ever go back. For those of you that do not know, Pam had a traumatic experience at Kalahari, being locked in a glass elevator that had no air holes in it. It lowered her down from the upper deck to the lower deck, and by the time I walked down the stairs, I found a good-Samaritan woman trying to get Pam out banging on the door and pressing the buttons. They keep it nice and warm in there and the glass elevator was even hotter, and I was trying everything to get her out to no avail. It took forever to get any help there and then even the supervisor did not know what to do because they never had anyone stuck before. After experimenting and trying everything many times, we finally got the door open, just as the water park manager came up. This person was only interested in getting his defense ready with his people and would not even talk to us about Pams care or blood pressure. I walked Pam to his office and then called for the EMTs to check her out. She seemed to settle down and we went back out in the park, sat down, and watched the grandchildren. I talked to the front desk manager about the water park manager and at least he slipped a nice apology under our door that night. I could still tell Pam was not herself so Friday morning I left the kids there and I drove her home, as she had a migraine from her blood pressure being up. We got home about noon Friday and she slept most of the day, but then about midnight she woke me up in excruciating pain. I tried to get her in a wheelchair, but she was in so much pain I could not move her. I finally convinced her that we needed an ambulance, and fortunately, my nice neighbor had plowed my driveway, and the ambulance was able to load her in through the garage and take her to Wood County hospital. Her right leg where her new knee was replaced was swollen and red hot all the way to her ankle, and super painful to any touch or movement. They were giving her straight morphine and it did not help at all for the first 24-hours. They finally got Pams blood pressure down, and her headache has subsided. They are still pouring antibiotics into her to fight any infection, and treating her for a possible blood clot with CT, MRI scans, she is still in pain, and is now a little less miserable than she was. They think she might have even picked up an alleged germ off the floor at Kalahari through a cut on her foot. You have to remember they keep the place hot all the time, with hundreds and hundreds of people walking around bare-footed, it is suspected to be one huge Petri dish, full of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The photos may look nice, but this is the downside of the whole place. Just remember, you can have a lot of fun at Kalahari, but please take precautions, and protect your feet.
And just so I do not have to repeat it, and probably fifty some friends have privately asked, did they comp us for all the anxiety they put us through? I did not even know what comp meant, and I am not the type to pursue litigation, the answer is NO, they did not give us anything for our trouble, and I paid the entire bill. All I wanted was an apology from the nasty man, and I received that. All these post medical problems you face after going to a place like this, is just something you have to live with on your own. All we can do is keep spreading the word until it hits them in the pocketbook. Then at the end of February, Pam had an allergic reaction to all the antibiotics and we had to rush her to Toledo Hospital. She spent two weeks there and during that time they performed another emergency surgery on her, removing her brand new knee joint they had installed just last fall. She is really laid up now, and we do not know when she will get out. That bug attacked the titanium steel in her new knee joint, and they had to chisel it back out and fill it with some kind of medical cement. She is surviving now that they are giving her plenty of analgesics for the pain. Finally, March 6th, 2011, we got to bring Pamela home this week. The recovery hospital unit they were going to send her to, was full, so since we have our little apartment custom designed like a nursing home with all large three-foot doors, single level floors and ramps, they allowed us to bring her home. Since they removed her new knee joint they put in last September 2010, they just have a block spacer installed there now, and she wears a soft cast so she cannot bend it. Our son customized her recliner chair raising it up about four-inches so she could get up, and then she uses her walker to move around. We have nurses come in daily to check and change the dressing, plus we are still giving her strong IV antibiotics daily, and she has her vicodin as an analgesic so she can tolerate the pain. They are thinking that maybe in May they will be able to reinstall her new knee joint. I told her that is good timing because football tryouts are usually in July. The doctors now tell us if you have replacement joints, stay away from hot tubs and water parks, because they are a disease haven ready to attack your hip, shoulder, or knee joint replacement.

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