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All About The Mental Illness Called Bipolar Disorder

by Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library Mental illness is one of the neurological aspects of the bipolar disorder which is synonymous w

Anxiety Solutions  Mental Health
Anxiety Solutions Mental Health

by Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library

Mental illness is one of the neurological aspects of the bipolar disorder which is synonymous with cognitive disorders although it is a term that refers to the mental and psychological condition of the victims who suffer from the disorder. Generally, people who suffer from this mental condition display abnormal behavior patterns which range from mild to extreme mood disorders. This condition is believed to have been in existence thousands of years ago although understanding on its nature was made possible with the advancement in psychiatry and medicine.

Despite the tremendous progress in research which has shed much light on this condition, people still hold on to misconceptions and myths which have been very detrimental especially to victims. Some irrational arguments that have been propagated about this disease are built on age old fallacies that are linked to witchcraft. It is not very clear when this condition becomes manifest but mental health experts believe that, this condition becomes evident after puberty. This condition is characterized by below average intellectual output, memory loss, poor motor coordination and incoherence in speech.

As a major attribute of bipolar condition, mental illness is also linked to other related conditions such as anxiety, chronic depression, panic attacks and cognitive disorders. There are several factors that contribute to the development of bipolar mental illness. Key of them all is the genetic transfer from parents to children. This actually accounts for a significant number of all reported cases of this disorder. This condition can also be exacerbated by environmental factors. During their formative years, victims may display little or no symptoms of mental illness but as they mature and reach adulthood the symptoms of this condition becomes more manifest. Everything that happens in the lives of the victims contribute to the eventual manifestation of this disease and, therefore, when undergoing diagnosis, victims are taken through their past to reflect on significant events in their lives that may have contributed to their current state.

There are many organizations that help individuals that suffer from this mental condition to cope. Once diagnosis is made and the results are positive victims go for talk therapy first before they get treatment. The prevalence of this condition in respect to modern day pressures has prompted many people to seek medical attention. Quality medication is available to treat this condition hence complete recover is possible. Normally treatment encompasses medication, nutrition and diet, relaxation techniques, and lifestyle change.

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Mental Illness Symptoms  Anxiety Relief
Mental Illness Symptoms Anxiety Relief
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Commonly question about All About The Mental Illness Called Bipolar Disorder

Question :

Why is Depression, Anxiety and other similar disorders called Mental Illness?

If you really think about it, shouldn t the disorders be classified as "Emotional Illness"? So many people in the world that suffer from these illnesses and yet "Mentally" they can be a highly intelligent.

In actuality, the disorders effect the way a person "feels" not necessarily they way they "think". Where is the line drawn between Thinking (Example: 2+2=4), Feeling and Perceiving (Example: feeling unliked). Would a Low Self Esteem be considered a Mental illness?

We all get depressed and anxious at times, does that make everyone mentally ill? What about Manic Depression, how does that differ from depression and anxiety?
Answer :
It has to do with the chemicals in your brain.
Intellegence has nothing to do with it.
Some people with illnesses-mental or otherwise- are brilliant.
If your heart hurts or has a problem- it s cardiac,
If it s your head- it s mental.
Alot of the time- these disorders- depression, mania- do actually change the way someone might think.
Feeling is subjective- I might have a higher pain tolerance than you do.
Either way- messed up is messed up- if it s your liver, head, or your heart- and hopefully we fix what is messed up with us so we can move on and enjoy healthy lives.
Paranoia, for example, creates that touchiness/makes someone think inappropriately/overthink to the point they would find it offensive perhaps, only because we are talking about the head/brain- but no stigma attached for a cardiac problem?
There are varying degrees- for example(cardiac)- angina, myocardial infarction, atrial fib- all of these vary in seriousness.
There is (mental) anxiety, mania, depression, crimminally insane. etc.
Question :

Christians, I have a mental illness called mental retardation when is God going to heal me from it?

I ve had mental retardation since the day I was born. People been saying I will never be able to take of myself for the rest of my life and I would always need a guardian over me to take of me. I m 21 years old, male. I m worried about the future. Some people say since I have mental retardation, in the near future I would have to stay in group homes for the rest of life. I stay with my aunt in Augusta, Ga. I just need some encouragement and can y all guys find me a scripture to encourage me about mental retardation. I just want God to heal my mind from mental illness.I also desire to live on my own. Please help me What should I do?
Answer :
Hey Randy,
First off, mental retardation is not a mental illness. It just means that you learn differently from a lot of people. But all of us have some things we do better than other people and some things we do worse. For example, I bet you are better at sports than I am!

I work with some people with mental retardation and there are a lot of different ways adults with mental retardation can live. For example, some people have an apartment, maybe with a roommate but not always, and they have someone who comes over and helps them with things they need help with, like budgeting, learning to cook, or whatever. Call the Arc of Georgia (below) and ask them about ways you can live as an adult in the community.
As for God healing you, you re not sick. You have a disability. Lots of people do. Me, for instance: if I didn t have glasses, I would be legally blind and couldn t drive. Almost everybody needs some kind of help from equipment or people in their everyday lives -- like, lots of people go to an auto repair shop when their car breaks down instead of fixing it themselves.

God has some important work for you to do, using your gifts, your talents, your personality and even your limitations. When you read the Gospels, Jesus didn t pick the really smart or rich or talented people to be his apostles. He chose fishermen, tax collectors, and other people like that. He chose you too, and if you pray, talk to friends, your pastor or Sunday school teacher, your aunt, and other people, He ll help you know the ways you can serve him.
Check out the website on Joni and Friends. Joni Eareckson Tada broke her neck in a swimming accident when she was a teenager and lost the use of most of her body from the neck down. But now she is a singer, an artist (painting with her mouth,)
a speaker, writer, and helps people with disabilities all over the world. Get on her mailing list. She has great reflections on scripture and people with all kinds of disabilities, and how much God loves you and has great plans for you!
Please e-mail me if you want to and we can talk more about this, ok? God bless you and thanks for asking these questions!

Oh, yeah, and if this is a fake (which I know some people do), if anyone with mental retardation is reading this, you re a LOT smarter than someone who would write a letter like this as a fake.

Question :

Why is everybody now a days so proud of having a so called mind disease called "mental illness"?

Is this part of the story of the land of mental illness or make believe? How do we stop this story that is going around? Do some people need to believe that they have this illness and why? Are the ones that are posting all the information about these so called diseases plants? Is it their mission in life to get more people to believe in the story too?
Answer :
cmon..its a victimless society...thanks to the liberals you can claim mental illness and get disability and often relief from prosecution of a crime. its never the individuals own fault..its always society. you stop this by calling the clinton takes a village...philosophy what it is...GARBAGE. people need to take responsibility for their own actions and mental illness needs to be a more defined status with less perks for a person to attempt to obtain.

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