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Cool Types Of Schizophrenia images

A few nice types of schizophrenia images I found: Paraboloid Schizophrenia Image by monojussi Paraboloid schizophrenia is a sub-type of schizophrenia

Title: Differentiating Types Of Anxiety, Depression , And
Title: Differentiating Types Of Anxiety, Depression , And

A few nice types of schizophrenia images I found:

Paraboloid Schizophrenia

Image by monojussi
Paraboloid schizophrenia is a sub-type of schizophrenia as defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Bonk Disorders, DSM-IV code 666.66.

It is the most bonk type of schizophrenia. The clinical picture is dominated by relatively stable, often paraboloid, delusions, usually accompanied by hallucinations, particularly of the paraboloid variety (seeing curves), and perceptual disturbances. Disturbances of affect, volition, and speech, and catatonic symptoms, are not prominent.

Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #19, superF#isSue (free, bilingual)

Image by fernandoprats 2012, a great year
otoosurprimaveranorte ISBN 978-1-4092-7341-7


SuperF#isSue, YSE #19: Lo convencional, y el gesto vaco/vaciado.
Los efectos de una sociedad centrfuga e hipcrita, desmemoriada y autorreferencial, en fuga permanente, donde ya nadie se plantea o cuestiona nada de ninguna cosa.

Qu historias nos cuentan los Medios? Cules son las que se validan desde el territorio artstico-cultural, hoy?
Qu no-efectos producen? Cul es su orgen? Cmo se vacan de mensajes?
Qu lugar puede tener actualmente cualquier otra historia que no sea la propia historia (es decir la personal)?
Qu rincn puede reclamar la irona ante una competencia discursiva abrumadoramente (a)plana(da)? // (a)plana(dora)?
Son posibles los meta-relatos cuando no hay siquiera narraciones (que no sean puro cuento)?
Queda/Hay una audiencia posible para cualquier clase de meta-relato?
Cmo agitar/sublevar al espectador/usuario? Tiene sentido hacerlo?

Si el pasado y el presente co-existen: Es sensato creer que, al fin y al cabo, el movimiento es un movimiento cclico? Y si as fuere hacia dnde se dirigen estas fugas, entonces? A cunto cotiza la sensatez en el mercado? Por sensatez se entiende (el nefasto) sentido comn? Es sensato no ser hipcrita? No lo recuerdo
Puede haber memoria cuando no hay crtica?

La automatizacin. El querer pertenecer, sin preguntarse el cmo, el qu o el para qu. La esquizofrenia, la histeria, el pnico, la ausencia, la velocidad virtual y la ansiedad.

Cul es el rostro, cul el miembro que responde cuando responde en plan autmata a unos estmulos que nada estimulan, obstinados en un recorrido que va de w a w exhalando: wows a troche y moche.

SuperF#isSue: the conventional and the empty/emptied gesture.
The effects of a centrifugal and hypocritical, forgetful and self-referential society, in permanent escape, where nobody raises a matter or questions anything anymore.

What stories do the Media tell us? Which ones are validated from the artistic-cultural territory today?
What no-effects do they produce? Which is their origin? How are they emptied out of their messages?
What place is there currently for any other History but ones own history (this is, the personal one)?
What corner can irony claim against a overwhelmingly flat(tened) // flat(tener) discursive competition?

Are meta-narrations possible when there are not even narrations (other than fairy tales)?
Is there left/is there a possible audience for any kind of meta-narration?
How to agitate/sublevate the spectator/user? Is there any point in doing it?

If past and present co-exist: is it wise to believe that, in the end, movement is a cyclic movement?
And if it is, where are these escapes directed towards, then? How is sense valued in the market? Is sense understood as (the disastrous) common sense? Is it sensible to not be hypocritical? I cant remember
Can there be memory when there is no critic?

The automatization. The wish to belong, without wondering how, what, or what for. The schizophrenia, the hysteria, the panic, the absence, the virtual speed and the anxiety.

Which is the face, which the limb that reacts when it reacts as an automaton to stimuli that do not stimulate, tenacious in a trajectory going from w to w exhaling wows thoughtlessly?

List Of Symptoms Of Schizophrenia images
List Of Symptoms Of Schizophrenia images
Schizophrenia, Affective & Anxiety Disorders
Schizophrenia, Affective & Anxiety Disorders
 ... :Homeopathic treatment for schizophrenia.Symptoms,Causes,Types
... :Homeopathic treatment for schizophrenia.Symptoms,Causes,Types
catatonic type anxiety decreased sensitivity to pain inability to take
catatonic type anxiety decreased sensitivity to pain inability to take

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Joan Mathews Larson vitamin B3 deficiency cause anxiety depression fatigue fatnews-com Hi this isLarry Hobbs FatNews-com For 30 years Joan Mathews Larson PhD has been treating addiction anxiety and depression with Cool Types Of Schizophrenia images

Commonly question about Cool Types Of Schizophrenia images

Question :

I think I managed to induce myself a bout of schizophrenia for one of my tests?

I am forming a theory onto the causes of schizophrenia. I want to contribute something to solving Schizophrenia. Call me a Grandiose Schizophrenia if you wish but I need, I want to solve this. Doctors say that bout of schizophrenia occur for children during their teenager years. I am thinking that during teenager life span the child begins to go through real stress. so much stress such as whether it is good to drink or who to be friends with that Children aren t used to stresses of high school and such so maybe the subconscious creates people inside their head for each situation they are in. The subconscious in other words for example would create a hallucination within their mind with someone who they would assume they were their friends. They hang out a lot and they do basically everything together but one day they stop being friends so the person who saved their experiences with their friends subconsciously calls up the old saved images of their friend and they use it to comfort themselves. If they are in environments that pressure them to be cool I am thinking maybe their subconscious would create another character in their head, that uses peer pressure, to get the person to do such things. Remember this is only dealing with visionary and auditory hallucinations.

Okay let me simplify it. During teenager years lets just say for example a kid wants to be a doctor but realizes that his grades aren t the best so what he does with his subconscious is create another personality, however this is not Multiple Personality Disorder, instead the mind creates another person inside their head that posed as the child that wanted to be that doctor. The person can search their subconscious for certain clothes that he/she wants the imaginary concept to wear along with the voice that they hear when he/she speaks. I am only referring to auditory and visionary hallucinations, not catatonic schizophrenia or anyother type. This just deals with the hullicinations.

I also notice that sometimes the mind creates extra pieces within itself due to the idea that it thinks it is important. What if the mind purposely created auditory hullicinations because the subconcious believed that you needed it because the person who kept insisting that it was important and that it needed to be held onto. Basically I am linking the mind and body together. I am thinking that the mind convinces the subconcious that whatever negative aspect needs to be saved and stored within the mind for further use but the mind is quite immature and doesn t know what is good and bad so the mind at that age holds onto the useless things and so when time goes on the useless things add up and are saved and so the person forms hallucinations within their mind.

Anyways have you guys ever stared at a light for a long time? Don t you notice how you see the dots? I got the theory from that. Basically you are so used to staring at the negative influence for so long that the mind creates little dots. The dots then stay around longer than when you were staring at the lights (negative influence) and so the mind in later usage will use the "dots" when it is reminded of that situation.

Feel free to disagree with me if you want. I want negative feed back.
Answer :
get checked, while you can still question yourself.
Question :

Dont believe i will get out of schizophrenia?

hello there everyone. this must be like 300th time when i`m asking the same thing over and over again because i simply dont have any place where to hide with my emotions.
So it all started like some feelings when something got in me that kinda didnt let me to express myself anymore. well at the beggining it doesnt feels like something unnatural. feels like u simply dont feel right and i didnt felt the need to pay a big attention to it, i could continue to study and do everyday stuff. I take a lot on myself shoulders. There are personalities like it and thats all (felt like i gotta say this).
So this is like a 7th or 8th year after this little depression or whatever was it. I have been on meds since last august and NOW ON LAST MONTH IM FEELING SOME PROGRESS. Yes, it took almost a year for them to start to help. I feel better, because at one point i was in a situation where i was ready to go 10 miles after a ciggarette, broke my hand when hit the wall at one day. couldnt sleep could do anything ANYTHING people and still somehow finished the school, and actually very good. world on my shoulders again as i feel that no one is really aware about this and i get blame from even my closest people. So yeah anyways i am getting better. i am waking up very very slowly.. feels like it will go like this forever. feels like i just wont get free to that place where... well u know. If i didnt have memory i wouldnt be here anymore i think, i just remember those moments in my childhood and how i felt and how others percieved me and how i percieved every moment. feels like im just going there. this image of reality is constantly in me while i move in reality. cool. and even now i still hold a job with 50 hours a week. But this time i am not here just because i need some way to spend my time. no. i`m here to ask is this thing i`m dreaming about here is really possible? i just need some real answer. And if it is then i will be ok about when i will be 30? 20 now, been on 100mg quetiapinium a day from last aug. they are helping yes, but i just cant believe that everything can be ok. thank u for ur time. Doc said about like 4 months ago that i will have 2 use meds for like a year and then one more year for profilaxes. (sorry about my english, if not correcty, hope u get the point). yeah and all this makes me think about one more thing: if hes a doc, he must know what hes speaking about. So if the above statement is true and if this all thing is really starting to get better for the last month (feel the most progress), so maybe it is like a big disorganization: the smaller the disorganization is, the bigger the organization is? Doc said that its possible to not if fully stop the illness, then reach the best result (god knows if my mind will ever be free. every moment is important). disorganised type. no hallucionations, no voices, no strange things. just some really awful feelings that i cant get free of. thank u for ur time
Answer :
I have schizophrenia too but I ve been told I ll have to take meds long term, possibly for life. So the fact that you only have to take them for 2 years means that you are likely to be free from these terrible things - and soon! I lost my voices when I got in psychology - my psychologist helped me realise that my voices were all in my head and not from the devil. But even if you do have to take medication for life like me then you can still lead a normal life. Whatever normal is. I m leading a pretty normal life and I ve been free from voices for about 5 months. I m glad that your quetiapine is working this shows that one day you WILL be OK. I m no doctor but I have had so much life experience with medications that I ve learnt a lot about schizophrenia from doctors and research. Read some of these stories
they might help you to realise that you re not on your own and that schizophrenia doesn t mean a death sentence. Hope you realise that you re doing well with this and you have every chance of recovering from this. You may have it for a while but I sincerely hope it doesn t affect you anymore. Hope you start feeling even more better soon :)

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